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National Compliance Information Management System [NCIMS]


Development & Provision of Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI)
The Department appointed a Professional Service Provider for the development and provision of Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI) aligned basic and advanced training for the inspectors and investigators of the Department over the next three years - starting in February 2018.

This project aims to:

 Develop appropriate basic training material and associated aide for both the Compliance and Enforcement Units and its personnel for the Department of Water and Sanitation's mandate, functions and legislative requirements;
 Provide basic (EMI) training material to enable designation of Inspectors, and investigators as per EMI Regulations 2015 and the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA);
 Develop appropriate EMI waste and pollution sampling advanced training material and associated aide;
 Provide EMI waste and pollution sampling advanced training to Inspectors, and Investigators; and
 Reduce dependency on DEA and future service providers in provision of training by training identified in-house trainers and develop a train-the-trainer manual.