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ZeroDig Pty Ltd We are a specialised water preservation company that offers potable and waste pipe rehabilitation systems as well as waste water treatment systems for the African continent Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

710 PRODUCTZ 1.Level 1 Women & Military Veteran Owned 2.Onsite Car Wash 3.Beverages Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

A.L. Abbott & Associates (PTY) Ltd Process & Chemical Consultants / Specialists in Water & Waste Water treatment. Consultants

A.N. Rawlins T/A Otak Distributors We Source and Supply Water Flow Regulators, to balance water pressure and also restrict the water flow, widely used by the municipalities. We have 15mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm in 10 different flow rates. International Agencies and Institutions

A2C Distributors International Agencies and Institutions

Ace Hydraulic Services Sales & repairs to all hydraulic & mechanical equipment as well as manufacturing & design of a big range of hydraulic & pneumatic equipment. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Adisa - Real Time Plant Monitoring Adisa has been developed as a mobile and cloud application to support Water Service Providers (WSPs) to manage the operations in water and wastewater treatment plants. Adisa supports operations management and control by providing near-real time visibility of performance parameters. It allows operations to capture data reliably and securely for SANS241 and Blue and Green drop compliance. Other

Adisanet Engineering and Environmental Building (Pty) Ltd ADISANET ENGINEERING AND ENVIRONMENTAL BUILDING (PTY) LTD is a young, dynamic black privately owned company that has been delivering complete and successful services to both private and corporate clients since 2017. Our Services includes building and Construction ? Formwork and Scaffoldings ? Carpentry and Joinery ? Renovations ? House Plans ? Property upgrading and Residential Maintenance. Civil Works ? Roads and Pavements ? Stormwater and Sanitation Pipelines Professional Services ? Consultancy. ? Project Management. ? Quantity surveying Consultants

African Water Issues Research Unit The African Water Issues Research Unit (AWIRU) is a not-for-profit applied research organisation based at the University of Pretoria, established to develop an African capacity to understand the complexity of African water management and development issues. AWIRU's objective is to generate water management solutions that are politically, socially, economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable in Africa. AWIRU operates in unison with the goals of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), aiming to strengthen transboundary water governance at all levels throughout southern Africa. Cooperation over water resources shared between states, regions and economic sectors can spill over into enhanced regional integration. International Agencies and Institutions

Afri-Infra Group (Pty) Ltd Consulting Engineers and Project Managers Consultants

Aguaconsult Aguaconsult is a dynamic young company founded in 2000 and now provides a range of technical assistance and consulting inputs for clients around the world. International Agencies and Institutions

Ainsworth Valve Manufacturers Ainsworth Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a Local Manufacturer of Valves for the Water Works and Mining industries in South Africa. Ainsworth has been manufacturing valves for more than 70 years: Resilient Seal Gate Valves: Sizes 50-600mm for PN16 & 25 pressure(Flanged, Socketed, PE, RS& NR Underground Fire Hydrants: The Resilient Seal type in SG-Iron with Bayonet outlet and London Vee Thread (LVT) & London Round Thread (LRT) outlets SG-Iron Cast Steel and Stainless Steel Wedge Gate Valves: Sizes 50 to 1400mm for PN10,16, 25 & 40   High Pressure Wedge Gate Valves: Cast Steel Gate Valves in pressure classes 60,100 & 160 bar over the full range of sizes.   Swing Check Non-Return Valves: Single door in sizes 50-700mm and double door in size 600NB and larger (up to DN1400), both in pressure PN 16, 25 & 40 bar in SG-Iron and in Cast Steel. Tilting Disc Reflux Valves: From size 200 upwards in pressure classes 10, 16, 25 and 40 bar Butterfly Valves: Wafer type up to 600mm in PN10,16 & 25 , Double flanged from 200mm upwards in PN10, 16, 25, 40 & 60 bar   Special Valves: Ainsworth Engineering also manufacture many types of special valves such as Sleeve Valves, Ring Needle Valves, Grove Control Valves & Pressure Reducing Valves etc. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

air to water africa producing drinking water from nothing but air Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers supply water harvesting solutions for Home to Industrial requirements. From as little as 12ltrs to 100,000 ltrs per day we can build a system for your water demands. Systems are scalable and 24/7 365 days reliable. Creating your own healthy water alternative is the only way to secure independance from our conventional water sources. Stock available from R19,500 and delivery within 72 hours Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

AISP Civil consulting engineers Consultants

AJ Mining and Industrial Supplies Construction of Pump Stations,Pipelines,Water Treatment Plants and Maintenance of all of the above.We also supply and install Pumps,Valves and All Electrical and Telemetry. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

ALLPRONIX Suppliers and System Integrators of world leading process control instrumentation and industrial networking hardware including IP Security Cameras and high powered Wi-Fi CPE`s Other

Amatola Water Amatola Water is one of 20 water boards and utility organisations belonging to the South African Association of Water Utilities and mandated by the South African Government to operate as a water services provider to municipal authorities and certain other water customers, as provided for in national water legislation. The utility`s primary business activity is to service the bulk, treated water requirements of urban, peri-urban and rural communities situated within a Gazetted services area which is some 43 400 square kilometres in extent and is located within the central region of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. International Agencies and Institutions

Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated The only black owned commercial/industrial water purification company in America. We design water purifiers based on nanotechnology that can treat up to 10 million gallons of water per day. If more volume needs to be treated we can connect an unlimited number of our purifiers together to treat hundreds of billions of gallons of water per day. All of our water purifiers utilize our own brand of medical grade electrodes that are 99.999% pure silver, magnesium, zinc or 9 other metals. Our water filters are listed in the space foundation hall of fame and are used by NASA in their deep space missions. We have tanks that can hold up to 60,000 gallons of water each. We are a corporate member of The Houston Black Chamber of Commerce, and we are a proud vendor of the United Nations. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Apache Products and Services SA We are a company that specialists in all PPE, First Aid and Clinical Equipment, Cleaning Chemicals, Fire Equipment, Signage, Medical Fitness Examinations, Occupational and Wellness Services and Medical Screening and Testing. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Aphelele business enterprise SUPPLIES OF PLUMBING AND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES OUR Plumbing Service, Inc. offers a full range of top quality plumbing services to meet all of your residential and commercial needs. Our uniformed plumbers come prepared by having every car fully stocked with all parts and equipment, so our technicians are prepared to handle any plumbing problem or emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our plumbing services include Repair/Sales/Installation of sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, piping, fixtures, garbage disposals. AND our construction side offer General Contracting will bring your building design plans into action. We'll be your full-service general contracting services partner. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

APS Umgane GP Supplier of pipe systems International Agencies and Institutions

Aqua Air Africa Airtowater-Africa is the appointed distribution agent. We distribute a unique concept into Africa and its environs. This concept condenses moisture from the atmosphere purifies the condensate and dispensers it as safe drinking or potable water. Our machines use patented technology to provide clean, clear drinking water from the air we breathe without burdening the environment with waste plastic bottles. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Aqua Partner NPC Aqua partner is a non-profit company which positively impact communities by executing projects aimed at improving the quality and sustainability of water resources in the Western Cape, South Africa and Africa in partnership with NGO’s, the public and private sectors. Our slogan is “Impacting communities” and this is exactly what we aim to do, but we cannot do it alone. We need the support of local government, industry and NGO’s to identify and communicate specific water related needs in communities. We rely on the resources and financial support from engineering partners to design and implement robust, reliable and cost-effective solutions with financial support from local and international partners. Furthermore, our goal is to train and equip individuals and NGO partners in the local communities to operate and maintain equipment and we provide remote monitoring of equipment, as far as practical, to ensure sustainability of solutions. NGOs

Aqua Power GmbH Aqua Power technology - treatments of water through the energy for humans, animals and plants consumption. We give molecularly dead water life again which as a consequence has benefits on human, animal and plant health. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Aquamarine Water Treatment Aquamarine Water Treatment, a business unit of Murray & Roberts Water, is a water and effluent treatment company that supplies containerised and / or skid mounted solutions to customers in many different market sectors such as: • Food, beverage and alcohol manufacturers • Mining and exploration • Agriculture, Aquaculture and farming • Industrial • Hotels and resorts • Municipal Major products include: • Seawater and brackish water desalination plants • Mobile trailer systems • Filtration and disinfection plants • Ultrafiltration and clarification plants Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

AQUATEK WATER SOLUTIONS (PTY)LTD Aquatek Water Solutions is a registered South African water purification company that mainly concentrates on the purification of raw sewage water, and river/dam water without the usage of chemicals producing any volumes required by the client. Our passion for water purification and embracing the conservation of our natural resources constantly strives our team of experts to focus on ways and means of providing cost effective solutions for the well being of humanity. We all know how a vital role water plays in our lives and how precious its existence is, therefore our company’s organisation structure are equipped with skilled, dynamic, effective and professional personnel which makes it possible to conserve these key elements required for the well being of mankind. At Aquatek Water Solutions, we want to be the first name in the water purification industry nationally and internationally in the near future, and in return promote and gear up against the alleviation of poverty, unemployment, eradicate water bourne diseases and provide people with access to quality drinking water in Southern Africa as well as Africa! We believe in tackling a problem from the source. By applying this type of methodology we have achieved the unthinkable, whereby raw sewage, without the use of chemicals, are purified to compliant (DWA standards) or potable water standards (SANS 241 drinking water standards) depending on the client’s requirement. However, potable water produced will cost slightly more than compliant water. Thus, it does not influence the output flow, as both our purification systems (potable and waste water) are available in 12 metre containerized modules; 5 mega litres to 20 mega litres. The end product (compliant or potable water) can be decided upon by the client to reuse or discharge into a natural river or dam system. In addition, waste water and potable water purified respectively, is completely free of harmful bacteria and e-coli. The compliant sludge generated can be channeled for agricultural purposes! Our systems are fully automated and operated by a trained operator, whereby the plant software, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is utilized to perform automated functions. The fact that our systems are encapsulated within containers (12 metre), gives us the edge of deploying our technology rapidly (6 months), reducing major plant integration, due to its mobility. The integration of our system is simple, we only require; an inlet post the existing inlet works at a plant as feed water to our water purification system (raw water treatment container), an outlet to the filtration system container and a 3 phase – 380 Volt power supply from existing plant’s power source. Compliant or potable water is produced within a 24 hour cycle, resulting in; increased plant capacity compared to the conventional treatment methods, which takes 6 to 8 days to treat water and still fails compliancy, decrease in electrical consumption, as the usage electricity of our raw water treatment system requires one third of electricity consumed by the conventional treatment. The Aquatek water purification package is economically viable within its class, durable, effective, reliant and proudly South African. Our technology has been endorsed by prominent institutions namely; the University Of Stellenbosch, institute Of Sustainability as well as the City Of Cape Town. Other

Aquatico Laboratories Aquatico laboratories is an accredited testing laboratory for environmental and water analyses. Other

AquaTrip/ Water Leak Detector A Revolutionarty New Water Saving Device Detect burst Pipes and immediatly shuts off the main water supply. International Agencies and Institutions

ar management and projects bonding and water proofing technologies Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Arcus GIBB Multidisciplinary Consulting Engineers Other

Arid Earth Solutions Arid Earth Solutions is an irrigation design and consultancy firm, established in 2006. In addition to engineering precision irrigation, we help private and public works clients irrigate landscapes with less water. Consultants

Aspire Architects (Pty) Ltd Aspire Architects (Pty) Ltd. is a privately owned company registered in South Africa, and active in its current form since April 2008. We have built a dynamic full-service architectural practice offering design, documentation and contract management services across a range of project types. In addition, we are geared to provide principal agency services specifically to clients who require single-point procurement for all professional services required for infrastructure and services roll-out projects. Consultants

Association for Water and Rural Development (AWARD) Action Research in water resources management and water services planning, in the Sand River Catchment, Bushbuckridge International Agencies and Institutions

ATLANTA INSTRUMENTS Maintenance, calibration and installation of flow meters and instrumentation equipment. Specialize in flow measurement and verification of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters. Sole agent for TOKYO KEIKI and ATLANTA flow equipment in SADC area. Supply air to water equipment as well as small RO plants. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

ATLANTA INSTRUMENTS CC. Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, radar level and flow meter calibration service. Maintenance and installation of instrumentation equipment. Sole agent for TOKYO KEIKI products. International Agencies and Institutions

Audacia Consultants Audacia Consultants (Pty) Ltd is a 100% BEE and proudly South African company, specializing in Environmental management consulting and engineering . Our experience is in the Mining, Oil and Gas industries we have completed world class projects for our clients through our professional expertise . Consultants

AZRANITE INVESTMENTS Azranite is an ecologically sensitive and envirmentally friendly company that specializes in point of used water purification with the emphasis on bringing safe drinking water to the masses. The cost effectiveness of our products combined with the products unique qualitites and diverse application sets Azranite apart from any other company in the water industry. see our website Azranite used for Acid mining drainage, large water body, sewer treatment, portable water, agricultural use. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Bannow Blivet Sanitation Bannow Blivet Sanitation Technology Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Bateman Bateman Africa (Pty) Limited is a unique black-empowered project-management and marketing company which offers its services from inception through to construction. Bateman Africa focuses on the provision of innovative solutions to the natural-resources, power-generation, infrastructure and general industries and offers in-house know-how of materials handling, environmental control and toll treatment. Other

Batlokwa Reya Pele (Pty)Ltd Fencing, Pump Supplier, Non Industrial and Industrial Cleaning, Plumbing, Road and Civil Works, Labour Hire Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Becon Watertech (Pty) Ltd Manufacturer and supplier of sewage & wastewater treatment plants for smaller communities since 1975 Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Becon Watertech PTY LTD Becon Watertech is a privately owned South African company, established in 1975, to offer solutions in water and wastewater treatment applications. The company has a fabrication and engineering workshop with offices in Johannesburg as well as agents and maintenance offices and representation across South Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Belting Supplies Services BEP Bestobell We are suppliers of water quality monitoring and control system. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Bentley Systems International Ltd Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Bentley Systems applies information mobility to improve asset performance by leveraging information modeling through integrated projects for intelligent infrastructure. Its solutions encompass the MicroStation platform for infrastructure design and modeling, the ProjectWise platform for infrastructure project team collaboration and work sharing, and the AssetWise platform for infrastructure asset operations – all supporting a broad portfolio of interoperable applications and complemented by worldwide professional services. Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in 50 countries, more than $500 million in annual revenues, and since 2005 has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions. Other

Bergstan SA Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Firm Other

BergWind Energy PTY Ltd Wind Farm Developer Other

Betram (PTY) Ltd. Trading As Amalooloo Betram (Pty) Ltd trading as Amalooloo was founded in 1986 and for the past 34 years developed a character of passionate involvement in bringing about high quality, sustainable sanitation solutions to the communities of our country and abroad. Sanitation is our core business and through commitment and extensive investment in research and development we have been able to close the “Sanitation Loop”, under the brand name Amalooloo. This Holistic, Sustainable and Ecologically Friendly Dry Sanitation Solution with Extensive Health and Hygiene benefits has resulted in the improvement of dignity and quality of life that our people so rightfully deserve. All though we specialize in dry sanitation technologies, we also accommodate all the different sanitation applications in all walks of life. We are industry experts and continue to invest substantially in research and development to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of advanced sanitation technology. The outcome of the results has proven to be a world break-through in closing the sanitation loop. We believe the Amalooloo System is at the forefront of solving sanitation problems in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. It is an affordable, superior product without compromising quality or style and includes the safe management, storage, collection, treatment and disposal of human excreta. Our unique, AMALOOLOO DIVERSION SYSTEM (ADS) is one of the key components in the completion of the ‘Sanitation Loop’. We believe in the empowerment of our people through the transfer of skills, training, technologies and processes. We establish factories within District Municipal Regions for the provision of sustainable job opportunities for factory workers, as well as local community members in the implementation of sanitation technologies that improve health and hygiene practices, resulting in dignity and improved quality of life. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Beyond Continuous Improvement Consulting & Capacity Services Our consortium consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced professional consultants and technical experts with capabilities reaching across a wide variety of industries. Continuous performance evaluations by clients, project team members and the BCI Performance Management Committee ensure that the required standards and quality of our resources is maintained. BCI’s strict selection criteria and processes offer our clients peace of mind in the knowledge that our resources are highly experienced and hand-picked for each specific project. Letters of recommendation from previous assignments and thorough verification of qualifications, experience and references as well as a series of individual interviews ensure that only the cream of talent is accepted. The stringent selection process significantly reduces the business risk to our clients. Resources can be deployed within a two week period on 80% of assignments. Our consultants will seamlessly integrate with your business processes. Engagement Models We are flexible and prepared to make an arrangement that suits the client’s needs and ensure an efficient process which delivers maximum value for both parties. Some of the models that we have applied are as follows: • BCI supply and manage the resources, handles the payroll and all related administration. We address all related labour issues. • BCI supply resources and the client signs an agreement directly with the resources, manages them, handles payroll and related administration. • BCI assists with the development of the proposal, supply and manages the resources and delivers a specific scope of work. We also work on retainers plus risk-profit share arrangements. Consultants

BHEKAPHAMBILI Turn Key Solutions to Geotechnical and Water Solutions Other

BHEKAPHAMBILI GEO CONTRACTORS CC Geotechnical contracting and consulting Company with Water Quality Management & international Desalination expertise. Other

biopower corporation(pty) ltd we specialized in the following: - biological and natural sanitation products - sanitation solutions and related products - maintenance and rehabilitation of sewerage treatments works - consulting services on water and sanitation Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Biosand filter BioSandFilter organization is dedicated to providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation through good hygiene practises. Tip: for a full site overview use the site map located at the bottom of every page. BioSandFilter organization is dedicated to providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation through good hygiene practises. International Agencies and Institutions

blnhkktc 1 Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities

Blue Planet South Africa We are a sustainable biosolutions company addressing key issues in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and pollution remediation Other

Bluecollar Occupational Health Services Good day to you. Bluecollar Health is an Occupational Health Clinic with Mobile Clinics and walk-in clinics that offer all related Wellness, Medical Fitness Examinations and Occupational Health Services at extremely affordable prices, we are fully compliant with ISO 9001: 2015, Fully BBBEE Level 1 compliant, we are on the Government central DATA Base, COIDA, CIPC, HPCSA, SANC and SASOHN. With regards to Medical Fitness Examinations, we cater for each and every sector from Working at Height, General Medical, Operator / Driver Medicals, Food handlers and even things like PDP and this is only to mention a few. Whether it be Pre-Employment, Periodic or an Exit Medical we specialize in each and every one. Our Medicals are fully compliant with the Mines, Eskom, Construction etc and we work strictly according to the Government Legislation and its Specs. We do a full range of Wellness programs that include things like Flue, Hepatitis and all other Vaccinations, HIV and TB testing and counseling, Sugar Diabetes and Cholesterol Testing, Diagnoses and Treatment of Chronic and life threatening Diseases, Pap Smears and Prostrate Cancer screening even Absenteeism Management amongst many others we also specialize in screening and testing’s of all types, and as every company is different, we cater according to their needs and specification. So whatever you need in Health and Wellness for you or your employees we are the people to call. Please feel free to contact me anytime for a company profile, our certificate or a no obligation quote. Thank you dearly for your time. My very kindest regards Nadine 072 767 1462 Other

BM Infrastructure Development (Pty) Ltd Civil Engineering Project Management Consultants

Bokamoso Water and Sanitation(Pty)Ltd Water and Sanitation company specializing in plant optimisations,drafting of operations manuals,troubleshooting,minor refurbishments,chemical and laboratory supplies. Consultants

Bore Tech cc Restoration, rehabilitation, Stimulation & Development and repair of Boreholes/Waterwells. Other

BOREHOLE SURVEYING SERVICES Latest technology available in South Africa by Borehole Survey Services for irrigation and general use, the technology we use in actual fact points out if aquifers yields water or not, the survey is fast as results are given with graphics and depths to clients, the data collection for your report is portable. We at Borehole Surveying Services believe in using only the latest, technologically advanced systems, and that everyone has the right to water. Other

Bosch Stemele Civil Engineers Other

Braybar Pumps Pump manufacturer and refurbishment Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

BRD Engineering & Contracting cc Hand Pump manufacturer and supplier. Installation of handpumps and supply of water supply products. International Agencies and Institutions

Brentwood Lodge Accommodation - Vaal Dam Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

British Geological Survey Founded in 1835, the British Geological Survey (BGS) is the world's longest established national geological survey and the United Kingdom's premier centre for earth science information and expertise. International Agencies and Institutions

Buckman Laboratories (Pty) Ltd Buckman Laboratories is an ISO certified manufacturer of specialty chemicals for use in the pulp and paper, water treatment, and leather industries. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA., the company has a global presence in over 90 countries worldwide-serving customers on every continent. Founded in 1945, the company has been guided by the principle of Creativity for our Customers. Buckman`s strong customer focus is embodied in our Mission Statement, which affirms that we will provide measurable, cost-effective improvements in production and quality by offering specific products, services, and creative problem solving for each customer`s particular needs. We serve our customers through continuous innovation in problem-solving, business and technical programs, product and process development, knowledge sharing, as well as safety, health, and environmental stewardship. International Agencies and Institutions

Bumthonya Plumbing and maintenance plumbing and maintenance company based in durban Other

BushProof BushProof Ltd is a humanitarian business that was started by emergency aid and development professionals. The company is registered in the UK and has completed contracts in several countries, for example Sudan,Madagascar and Kenya. Previous clients include the World Bank, international humanitarian organisations such as ICCO, Tearfund and Medair but also the private sector. BushProof participates in a number of professional networks, and is a member of the Network for Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage. BushProof provides the means to scale up relief and development initiatives for people living in low-income countries. International Agencies and Institutions

Business Partners for Development in Water and San Business Partners for Development (BPD) Water and Sanitation Cluster is an informal network dealing with partnerships that bring together the private, public and civil society sectors to better tackle the challenge of providing water and sanitation services to the poor. International Agencies and Institutions

BVi Consulting Engineers International Agencies and Institutions

Calibre Consulting Engineers (SA) Pty Ltd Calibre Consulting Engineers (SA) is a multi-disciplinary engineering and management firm with expertise pursuing turnkey and customised solutions for projects throughout South Africa. We pride ourselves with providing integrated services and delivering the best engineering solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Consultants

Canadian Crystalline Waters India Ltd Established in the year 1969, at Chennai, we Canadian Crystalline Water India Ltd, have inched forward as well recognized manufacturers and exporters of advanced technology based water purifying plants & other allied products. Our more than 5000 turkey projects have been supplied in many countries including India, Middle East, South East Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, USA, Eastern Europe, Bangladesh & others. The entire product assortment is designed & developed in accordance to high reliability, safety and optimization standards well specified in the global arena. We are efficient in designing & developing of Seawater Desalination Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, PET Blowing Machine And Packaging Equipment, Pump, Membrane, RO System, Water Treatment Plant and Microbrewery Equipment, etc. These are exclusively used in many industries including bottle water, beverage industry, textile industry, food industry, chemical & pharmaceutical industry & others. Our successful history for the past 40 years speaks about our Technical Strength. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Cape Peninsula university of technology Research International Agencies and Institutions

Cedar Water Tech Cedar Water Tech is a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Technology Company that was established with the sole purpose to eradicate poor access to clean water for all and develop better solutions to rehabilitate polluted natural resources. Its passionate members realized that they collectively, possess the skills and knowledge to uplift communities and change lives by providing tangible solutions to rehabilitate natural resources. It should be everyone’s drive to make access to clean water an ethos by which communities should live for. Access to clean water have become a challenge for half of the population on the continent, and that is why we should constantly create new ways which can bring relief to people. Our usage of language today is categorized by words such as “green”, “recycling” & “renewable”, as well as conservation of the environment. The above words are hall marks of what we are about. South Africa is known for his enormous endowments with rich resources of various kinds. The human capital developed in many years to which the demand of the population will continue to face challenges as and when the entire various entities and institutions have emerged to ensure that there is always support to the population in their struggle to cope with challenges inherent in their daily lives. Cedar Water Tech is one of those institutions geared to empower the population to remain alert and able to cope. Our offerings in the form of various products have been manufactured to support our local environment. Other

Centre for Appropriate Technology The Centre for Appropriate Technology is Australia’s national Indigenous science and technology organization. Since 1980, we have been working to increase the access of Indigenous people to a range of services that enable them to live safely and happily in communities, often in remote locations. CAT is the place to come for information and knowledge on the role of technology in improving conditions and prospects for people in remote communities. International Agencies and Institutions

Centre for Civil Society The Centre for Civil Society is formally committed to strengthening the non-profit and voluntary sector by disseminating information to the sector itself, and by building networks and encouraging collaboration both within the sector and between it and researchers and teachers in Higher Education institutions around the country. International Agencies and Institutions

Charles Rowe and Associates Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers and Project Managers Consultants

CHEMC Environmental Environmental and Water Management Consultants Consultants

CIRCUIT Water Engineering Equipment (Pty) Ltd Suppliers of Water and WasteWater Treatment Equipment. Southern African agents for: 1. Aeration Industries International (USA) 2. EMO - dewatering equipment (France) 3. Meva - Inlet Screens (Sweden) International Agencies and Institutions

City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality International Agencies and Institutions

Clear Pure Water Effective sustainable products International Agencies and Institutions

ClearMark Projects ClearMark Projects takes a personal and project based approach when resolving any environmental problem and we regard each project as an opportunity to engrave our positive mark on the environment. ClearMark Projects is a registered Non-Profit Company with Registration number: 2016/399429/08, compiled with the principal objective of cleaning up South Africa, providing sustainable solutions to those causes killing or harming our beautiful country and to prevent any future threats to South African ecosystems. We offer the following services: • Waste and litter removal. • Waste management and Recycling. • Environmental maintenance services such as ground works, grass and reed cutting, tree felling, weed removal, etc. • River and wetland cleanup projects. • Ecosystem rehabilitation projects. • Local environmental community projects. We at ClearMark Projects strive to deliver quality service and projects to all our clients. Other

CLOUD4SA (PTY) LTD CLOUD4SA OFFERS MAINLY BELOW 3 SERVICES. Project Developments Resource Deployment Tech Support Cloud4sa has been committed to driving business value across all industry verticals and With a comprehensive set of IP based software solutions and a wide range of IT services. Cloud4sa has successfully streamlined business operations of customers and also focuses on delivering skilled resources such as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Infrastructure Management, Testing & Compliance, Application Development & Maintenance, Consulting Services. We are cloud4sa Team!.. Providing the best solutions for your business dreams in an affordable price. Feel like Your own IT team. Consultants

Coalition Clean Baltic CCB is a politically independent, non-profit association. Currently CCB unites 24 member organisations from the Baltic countries. CCB gathers, produces and distributes information on environmental solutions for the Baltic Sea region. CCB co-operation projects provide assistance to the member organisations in their efforts to restore the Baltic Sea. Sustainable management of wastewater is a priority area for CCB. International Agencies and Institutions

Concord Employment Contractors (Pty) Ltd Private company looking to get involved in desalination of saltwater. Other

Concrete Doors and Vaults We manufacture concrete doors, lids and vents for the protection of pump stations, sewer plants and many more. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Consallen Group Sales A specialists in rural water options for Third World Development. Specialise in hand pumps for wells & boreholes and teh actual drilling & wells. International Agencies and Institutions

Controlled Sanitation Systems Controlled Sanitation Systems is a private company based in Johannesburg, we are a dynamic water and waste water disposal remediation business that specialises in the design, development and implementation of water, waste water and deep cleaning solutions Our products solve and maintain a unique sanitation system in Pit toilets, Septic Tanks, Sewerage Pipes, Schools, Clinics, Hospitals, Ponds, Rivers, Water and Waste Treatment Works (WWTW), Dams, Lakes, etc Other

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Research, Science and technology. International Agencies and Institutions

CRYSTAL CLEAR Consulting & Merchants Pty Ltd Crystal Clear has been in business for the past 15 years, providing Biological and Water Treatment services to Industry, Mining and Government Departments. In addition we provide Environmental Management Training including International Auditor qualifications. Crystal Clear supplies a range of Non-chemical water treatment technology. This includes treating borehole water, cooling water, process water, lagoon water and effluent water treatment. The technologies we use include electrolysis,3rd generation HOD UV disinfection, ultra-filtration, self-cleaning micro-filters, solar-powered aerators and nutrient removal processes International Agencies and Institutions

CSIR Research organisation Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

CWENGA Suppliers of Ion Exchange Resin and Activated Carbon Other

Cygma Environmental Consultants Cygma Environmental Consultants in part of the multi-disciplinary Cygma Group and is based in Cape Town. We offer a range of services, from design to completion of any project listed under the NEMA. Other

Delta Built Environment Consultants Civil Engineering Consultants Consultants

Demca Actuation Solutions Suppliers of Electric Actuators Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Department of Defence International Agencies and Institutions

department of justice government sector International Agencies and Institutions

Department of Water and Sanitation The Department of Water and Sanitation is the custodian of South Africa`s water resources and sanitation. It is primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of policy governing these two sectors. It also has override responsibility for water services provided by local government. While striving to ensure that all South Africans gain access to clean water and safe sanitation, the water sector also promotes effective and efficient water resources management to ensure sustainable economic and social development. Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities

Development Bank of Southern Africa Financial Institution International Agencies and Institutions

DFC Water (Pty) Ltd Valve manufacturer - Vent-O-Mat air release valves Cla-Val control valves Cla-Val pressure managment controls Vosa wedge gate isolating valves International Agencies and Institutions


Dikubu International Agencies and Institutions

Dinoko and associates pty ltd Supplier of goods and services using relevant procurement strategies to acquire quality goods and services Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

DIPHETSA TECH.CC I am a tv technician who likes to invent and improve existing products to be more green. Other

Diphororo Development (Pty) Ltd Social Development Consultancy: social surveys; social facilitation; EIA; EMP; training of trainers Consultants

Diversified Enterprise COMPLEX 1 Ltd. Professional manufacturer of modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel and of galvanized steel. We use unique technologies and modern equipment for providing worldwide best solutions for storage of potable water, technical water, wastewater, rainwater harvesting, firefighting water, beverages and other liquids and bulk products. Our tanks are widely used at industrial enterprises, food-processing industries, municipalities, hotels, resorts, residential complexes, private residences, airports, shopping centers, malls and so on. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

DKG Project Managers and Engineers (Pty) Ltd Project management Procurement management Project preparation Strategic planning studies Project feasibility studies Project funding applications Civil & structural engineering design Construction monitoring Contract administration Contractor mentorship Water loss reduction Water demand management Consultants

Dorema Travel T/A Ultimate Travel Provision of Turnkey Travel Management and other Travel-related services Other

Dovecall Green Technology Pty Ltd we provide recycled sewage treatment plant and potable water purification plant Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Drain Blasters. Fat-Traps. Organic Cleaning Drain Blasters, is a well established service company based in Sea Point Cape Town. Since .... we have forged a reputation of being innovative and pro-active in our service. Driven by the flagrant abuse of our sewage and storm water systems and the resultant pollution we now have 2 new divisions: Fat-Traps: One of the biggest culprits we identified in the pollution of our water systems is illegal dumping of oil and grease into drains. It is legislated that all establishments using oil and grease must have fat -traps. This until recently was hardly ever enforced. We supply and service fat-traps. Organic Cleaning: This entity supplies environmentally friendly alternatives and innovative solutions. Waterless Urinal - Saves an estimated 200 000 lts per year - per urinal! Cleaning products - Substitutes (price and performance) for the every day cleaners, harsh in their make-up. Eco-Tab - Rehabilitating foul water. Industrial and residential applications. International Agencies and Institutions

DWEA Department of Water and Enviroment Affiars International Agencies and Institutions

DWS DWS Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities

Dynaform Pipe fabrication, laying, welding and coating contractors Other

Earth Free Environmental Consultancy Earth Free Environmental Consulting company is level 1 B-BBEE compliant with expertise in the following fields but not limited to: • Environmental Impact Assessments • Basic Assessments • Development of Environmental Management Plans (EMP) • Construction Environmental Monitoring • Environmental Control Officer(s) • Pre-construction feasibility studies • Water Use License Applications • Application for mining permits Consultants

Ebukhosini Protection Services Security and Installations,Monitoring of alarms Other

ECNO Supply. Install. Maintain – AMR Supply. Install. Maintain – Domestic meters Supply. Install. Maintain – Bulk water meters Plumbing supplies & services Onsite staff training and development – Installation and basic maintenance Remote support and service Water saving solutions and products Project Management – Municipal projects for meter reading … Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Ecological Sanitation Research Ecological Sanitation Research Programme that is carried out and administered by Sweden through Sida - is one of the major international actors in addition to GTZ, UNICEF, UNDP, Water and Sanitation Programme of the World Bank, WHO, EU, CREPA (West Africa), and the Norwegian, Austrian and Swiss bilateral agencies. International Agencies and Institutions

Ecotech Africa (Pty) Ltd Ecotech Africa offers sustainable Environmental Services for the African continent. Services Include: Waste Water Treatment Water Purification Wash Bays Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Ekhayalethu Travel Travel Agency Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

ElastyChem Tape Solution Manufacturing and Water management Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

ELSTER Kent Metering (Pty) Ltd Manufacture and trade in residential, commercial and industrial water meters as well as related products and systems such as pipe and leak location, data logging and automatic meter reading. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

ELW GLOBAL LOGISTICS Manufacture and supply of Water Purification Plant and Diesel Field Kitchen Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Emanti Management Emanti Management (Pty) Ltd has developed a well-recognised Best Practice specialist core service to support the delivery of Water Services by Local Government. Additional specialist civil and environmental engineering services include water treatment process engineering, liquid-waste management, corrosion mitigation, river health management and municipal infrastructure engineering. Consultants

Emfuleni Local Municipality - Metsi-a-Lekoa Water service provider to local municipality International Agencies and Institutions

Empire Drilling (Pty) Ltd Borehole Drilling Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Enviroconsult Environmental Practitioners Privately owned company of professionals specialising in environmental sciences and has a network of associations with tersiary institutions and others. Consultants

ENVIROKONSULT ENVIROKONSULT is a privately owned company of professional environmental scientists and engineers. The firm operates from offices on the campus of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. We are located in Building 17B on the CSIR Campus, with easy access via the Northern Gate (Main Gate) in Meiring Naude Road, Brummeria. Consultants

Environmental Health Project EHP is a project of USAID’s Office of Health and Nutrition, Bureau for Global Programs, Field Support and Research. International Agencies and Institutions

Environmental Resource Management Environmental Consultants International Agencies and Institutions

Environmet Equipment PTY LTD Environmet Equipment is responsible for design, manufacturing, and help improve composting systems to become completely environmentally and user friendly. International Agencies and Institutions

Envirosan Environmental Sanitation Solutions and Designs International Agencies and Institutions

Ernest Electro Enigineering Pump sales & armature winding International Agencies and Institutions

ERP Software Management pty ltd ERP Software Management is an Authorized Education Partner with Microsoft and CompTIA Our Training environment are conducive. Get Training and Certified with CompTIA A+, N+, Linux+, Security + CCNA, ITIL Foundation, PMP, COBIT 5, PRINCE2, ISACA, AWS and more. Our Clients : Single Individual, Corporate Group, NGOs, Schools and High School Students. ERP Software Management trainer and facilitator are certified trainer. Contact us today for quotation, Our prices are affordable. At ERP Software Management, “We train the future leader” Email us today for a quote or visit our office at 330 Farenden Street, Arcadia, Pretoria. info @ erpsm . co .za Consultants

Famsystems (Pty) Ltd. International Agencies and Institutions

FAT TRAPS Our professional grease trap programme includes: -Pumping and Cleaning of fattraps with high volume vacuum units -Environmental removal and disposal of the grease trap waste -Supply of grease digestion Enzime and priming of the system -Supply and installation of Fat traps -Compliance certification for Council compliance Other

filcon filters suplliers of filtration equipment International Agencies and Institutions

Finance And Asset Management Consultants Finance and Asset Management Consultants (FAMC) is a black owned South African company. We are a Professional Member body for Engineers and are committed to the furtherance and continual development of engineering and technical professionals by stimulating and promoting education, training and original research in the asset management fields Training

Flowmetrix Sales cc FLOW METER - Sales, Manufacture and calibration of electromagnetic flowmeters, doppler flow meters, and time of flight flowmeters,flowmeter, flow meter. Brands: Safsonic, Safmag, Honsberg, Kep, My City, Eesiflo. Email: Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

FMO Engineering Mechanical and Electrical contractor specialising in waste water treatment, water treatment implementation. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers


Fourth Element Consulting (Pty) Ltd Water and environmental management. Catchment studies, water resources, hydraulic modelling, environmental flows, IFR, aquatic ecology, wetland hydrology, flood studies, flood relief design, urban drainage design, environmental impact studies. Other


Future Spot Technology Future Spot Technology is an Information Technology Solutions Provider in Enterprise Computing, Servers, Storage, Networking, Power Protection, Hospitality - PMS & POS, Systems Integration, Printing Solutions, Project Management, Security, Wireless, Mobile Solutions, Software, Consulting and Outsourcing. With its growing focus on implementing solutions in various industries, FST has built a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and a set of operational competences that form the foundations of its competitive advantage. We understand that to integrate technology requires the right human assets; our teams of experts provide pre-sales, post sales, project implementation and support. Our vision is “To be the first choice in the realm of IT by providing innovative and efficient solutions to exceed expectations.” Other

General "Instruments Consortium General Instruments Consortium is largest and oldest manufacturer and exporter of process control instruments since 1966. General offers high quality products with CE and ATEX Certifications in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directives – UK. General is supplying its quality instruments to more than 35 countries worldwide and consecutively 4 times winner of “Export Excellence award by Govt. of India. PRESSURE INSTRUMENTS offered by General Instruments : Pressure Gauges Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges Solid Front Pressure Gauges Test Pressure Gauges Indicating Pressure & Differential Switches Blind Pressure & Differential Switches Differential Pressure Gauges – Bellow, Diaphragm LEVEL INSTRUMENTS : Tubular Level Gauge Reflex Level Gauge Transparent Level Gauges Magnetic Level Gauge Level Switchs Flame Arrestor Breather Valve Sight Flow Indicator Flow Switch Variable Area flow meter (Rotameter) MANIFOLD VALVES : 2-Valve Manifold 3 Valve Manifold 5 Valve Manifold NEEDLE VALVES : Screwed Bonnet with double ferrule tube ends Integral Bonnet Double Ferrule Ends Screwed Bonnet Female Ends Screwed Bonnet male x female ends Integral bonnet screwed ends Angle type needle valves multi port gauge valve Adjustable pressure snubber Block and Bleed Valve Monoflange type valves FITTINGS : Tubing Double Ferrule compression fittings Couplings Union Male Elbows Connectors Female manometer connector Branch Tee Male Run Tee Adaptors Reducer Nuts Cups Condensate pot Snubber Gauge Saver Syphon Valves For more information please visit our website and write to renuka at giconindia dot com. International Agencies and Institutions

Geotate Engineers Civil & Structural Engineers Consultants

Geowater Systems International Agencies and Institutions

Glematile Projects (Pty) Ltd Glematile Projects (Pty) Ltd provides consultancy and training on sustainability and inclusion, with a particular emphasis on the civil engineering and built environment. International Agencies and Institutions

Global Power Solutions Global power solutions is an innovative company that designs and developes highly efficient water and energy systems. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Global Water Partnership - Technical Advisory Comm GWP is an international network open to all organisations involved in water resources management: developed and developing country government institutions, agencies of the United Nations, bi- and multilateral development banks, professional associations, research institutions, nongovernmental organisations, and the private sector. GWP was created to foster Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), which aims to ensure the coordinated development and management of water, land, and related resources by maximising economic and social welfare without compromising the sustainability of vital environmental systems. International Agencies and Institutions

GLOQVILLE PRODUCTIONS Supply of design and print media, office equipment and furniture. We also do event management and equipment hiring ( PA System ect) International Agencies and Institutions

Golder Associates Africa Pty Ltd Golder Associates is a premier global group of consulting companies specialising in ground engineering and environmental services. Employee-owned since its formation in 1960, Golder has created a unique culture with pride in ownership and a commitment to providing quality service that has earned the trust and respect from clients around the world. More than 6 200 employees operating in local companies in offices across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, allow us to meet client needs in a local or global manner. International Agencies and Institutions

Graeme McGill Consulting Engineering consultant focusing on Civil Engineering, Water Supply, Stormwater, Sanitation & Hydrology International Agencies and Institutions

Green Alliance Environmental group, an independent charity. NGOs

Greenly Greenly Presents An App That Tracks Water Usage In Real Time, So South Africans Can Save Both Water And Money In The Drought, Also Helps Municipalities Track Water Usage And Allows Instant Communication With The Residents, With Its LEAK DETECTION Ensures No Water Is Wasted. Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Ground water practitioners Contractor Equiping of wells and yeald testing Other

Guarantee Trust Zululand cc Accounting Practice specialising in municipal finance, billing management and management support. International Agencies and Institutions

Guillaume Nel Environmental Consultants Guillaume Nel Environmental Consultants Consultants

H2O International Tygervalley Supplier of water filtration and purification technology. International Agencies and Institutions

Hangzhou Laison Technology Co. Ltd. Hangzhou LAISON Technology Co. Ltd., is a company focus on smart water metering and gas metering. Now LAISON is most widely used Prepaid Water Meter Brand IN Africa. LAISON is a leading company in the exporting of smart water meters and smart gas meters, the exporting mainly in the Africa, Asia and Middle east countries, such as South Africa, Egypt, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Indonesia etc. Around 20 overseas countries and around 10 million USD in 2018. In South Africa, the customers include Enbaya Meter, G1GAS, Energy Audit, Connect Africa etc. The smart water or gas metering solution including the STS AMI Prepaid water meters, NBIoT/LoRa/GPRS/Bluetooth smart meters etc., which could integrate with local mobile money payment platform. If you interested to know more details about the solution, you may visit LAISON company website. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Hanovista Engineering Leading suppliers of electrical enclosures, control panels, test panels, manufacture of new ventilation fans, electric motor armature rewinding for both AC and DC. Pump motor repairs. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Hans Bosch Consulting Engineers Consulting Engineering practice International Agencies and Institutions

HEINLO Projects (SIRAC GNR trading as) Turnkey Heating & cooling solutions Heat Pumps, Air conditioning, Hot water ring main systems, Plumbing, Low pressure (hot water) storrage vessels, Hot water vessels, Service , Maintenance Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Humphrey Engineering Contractors (Pty)Ltd Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering Contractors & General Building Contractors. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Hwa engineers and project managers Other

IGS Consulting Engineers Private Consulting Engineers Other

IMPROCHEM (PTY) LTD Manufacturer of Water Treatment Chemicals and Related Equipment Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Infraburo (Pty) Ltd Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers specialising in water services Consultants

Ingerop South Africa (Pty) Ltd Civil engineering consultants and project managers Other

Ingwe 2512 Investment (Pty) Ltd Forestry services Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Institute of Development Studies The Institute of Development Studies is one of the world's leading organisations for research, teaching and communications on international development. Founded in 1966, the Institute enjoys an international reputation based on the quality of its work and the rigour with which it applies academic skills to real world challenges. Its purpose is to understand and explain the world, and to try to change it – to influence as well as to inform. International Agencies and Institutions

Institute of Water and Environment, Cranfield Univ The Institute of Water and Environment is an international centre of excellence committed to providing practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenges of managing water for users, consumers and the environment within the context of sustainable natural resource use. International Agencies and Institutions

Intermediate Technology Development Group Practical Action was founded in 1966, as ITDG (the Intermediate Technology Development Group), by the radical economist Dr EF Schumacher to prove that his philosophy of ‘Small is Beautiful’ could bring real and sustainable improvements to people’s lives. Practical Action aims to help eradicate poverty in developing countries by developing and using technologies, and by demonstrating results, sharing knowledge and influencing others. To achieve this, ITDGPractical Action focuses its efforts, skills and resources around four international programmes: reducing vulnerability, production and markets, access to services and responding to new technologies. International Agencies and Institutions

International Crop Research for the Semi Arid Trop ICRISAT is a non-profit and non-political research organization that serves the poorest of the poor in the semi-arid areas of the developing world. We use science as a means to serve the poor, not as an end in itself. This is the human face of science and agricultural research that we do with our partners International Agencies and Institutions

International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. (INDIPCO) International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. (INDIPCO) is in the business of manufacturing and supply of ductile iron pipes. We have accredited with the certification of Ministry of Water & Electricity-KSA, National water company (NWC), ISO, SASO, Australian Water Quality Centre and WRAS. As a professional company, we always provide excellent quality and competitive price, and our products range includes almost every specification and standard. Please be informed with our pipe specifications. DN 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 and DN 1400 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Push On Joint Type (T-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) DN 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 and DN 2200 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Flanged Joint Type (K-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( 00966504660657 ) if in case of any enquiry with respect to Ductile Iron Pipes or FITTINGS. Thank you, Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. INDIPCO International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. (INDIPCO) is in the business of manufacturing and supply of ductile iron pipes. We have accredited with the certification of Ministry of Water & Electricity-KSA, National water company (NWC), ISO, SASO, Australian Water Quality Centre and WRAS. As a professional company, we always provide excellent quality and competitive price, and our products range includes almost every specification and standard. Please be informed with our pipe specifications. DN 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 and DN 1400 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Push On Joint Type (T-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) DN 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 and DN 2200 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Flanged Joint Type (K-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( 00966504660657 ) if in case of any enquiry with respect to Ductile Iron Pipes or FITTINGS. Thank you, Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

International Water Management Institute Improving water and land resource management for food, livelihoods and nature. International Agencies and Institutions

IRC International Water and Sanitation centre News and information, advice, research and training, on low-cost water supply and sanitation in developing countries. International Agencies and Institutions

Isle Utilities Technology development support for HEIs and innovators Due diligence assessments Innovation strategic planning for WSPs and WSAs Training for water professionals Technology trials and demonstrations Online technology portals (like Autotrader but for pre-assessed technologies) Consultants

Isomi Afrika New Innovations - Water Technologies: Sea Water Desalination, Ground and Surface Water Purification and Sewer Water Treatment Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

iX engineers Consulting Engineering Services Consultants

IZUMRUD SOUTH AFRICA - Water Purification & Disinfection The provision of Clean but Healthy water is essential in South Africa. The Government and Communities have a responsibility to secure a safe health and hygiene environment for everyone and to introduce only the best to our own people and to our neighbours on the continent of Africa. IZUMRUD is the world leader in the technology of healthy water for humans, animals and wherever water is essential for the sustainability of life. An invitation to especially our Municipalities to investigate what IZUMRUD from Russia is offering could make a substantial difference. The product has gone through the scientific powerhouses of the world and the fact that Bird Flu can now be stopped is one of the many applications that the Russians are now offering us through our SA based company, IZUMRUD SOUTH AFRICA. We cater for Agriculture, Medical,Industrial usage and the results on international level speaks for itself. The product was tested in South Africa with flying colors! Other

Jacques Rust Engineering Jacques Rust Engineering is an Engineering company specifically orientated for design and support facilities towards basic water and sanitation services within the South African context. This company is geared for water and sanitation services, particularly looking at sustainable options in rural, peri-urban and poor communities. Our aim is to design practical sustainable systems, which is area and terrain specific, rather than cut-and-paste systems which is not necessarily suited for the conditions they are implemented. With this, we also take the community`s requirements, operational capacity and financial capacity in consideration when designing practical service delivery programmes. International Agencies and Institutions

Jeffares and Green Engineering and Environmental Consulting Other

JERLEE TRADING PTY LTD electrical contractor , electrical supplier,electrical maintenance.electrical installations Solar panel Systems supply and installation, Dstv installations Security systems supply and installations,cctv,Bio metrics and net working. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

JERLEE TRADING PTY LTD electrical contractor , electrical supplier,electrical maintenance.electrical installations Solar panel Systems supply and installation, Dstv installations Security systems supply and installations,cctv,Bio metrics and net working. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Jones & Wagener Consulting Civil Engineers Other

Kagiso Trading Consulting Company Consultants

Kandia Prima Developments(Pty)Ltd A 4iR company in the supply, construction and implementation of all categories of: Providing sustainable and environmentally protective; Alternative water resources,water purification,Gray and black water recycling, purification and intergration with municipal resources where applicable. Sustainable,and modular, water storage.Adaptation to ,or provision of required water and waste management infrastructure in new or existing communities.Mine rehabilitation,Green footprint and anti-carbon emission energy driven- solar/ wind power. Other

Karabo Community Development Centre Karabo Community Development Centre is a new non-profit charity organization project that was established on the 13 January 2016 due to the urgent needy in the community. We look after underprivileged children with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children who have lost both parents from HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis (TB), Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, and other diseases. The organization is working with children, youth, senior citizens and foreigners. The organization is recognized by the government and honored with an NPO Certificate by the Department of Social Development. The services of Karabo Community Development Centre include seven programmes namely: Home-Based Care, Support Group, Education/Awareness, Stress Relief, Educational Tours, Sports, Food Gardening and Poverty Alleviation. NGOs

kiewuwla 1 Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

KLOMAC Superior Chlorinators KLOMAC Superior Chlorinators specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of Chemical Injection into water systems. We specialise in Water Treatment Plants as well as Waste Water Treatment Plants Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Knight Piesold Consulting We are an international company of consulting engineers and environmental scientists who focus on addressing your needs. We work throughout the world providing innovative solutions for our clients that respect social, environmental and economic responsibilities while creating an exciting, challenging and rewarding work experience for our team. International Agencies and Institutions

K-Pack Water Technology SA K-PACK Water Technology SA,is in association and have the technical support of K-PACK Water Technologies BV in the Netherlands, being a leading Wastewater Treatment Company in Europe and global supplier since the 1970’s. We specialize in Wastewater Treatment. Using standard modular equipment being selected from design parameters that are established by Jar Tests and Chemical Analysis of wastewater samples and including a chemical program, we can supply you with a cost-effective solution for treating your wastewater to comply with the relevant local government by-laws. In addition we supply custom-made solutions and secondary treatment systems International Agencies and Institutions

Krohne (Pty) Ltd Manufacturer and Supplier of flow and level instrumentation International Agencies and Institutions

KSB Pumps and Valves Pty Ltd OEM Manufacturer of Pumps and Valves for Water and Waste Water applications Other

KUNGAWO DEVELOPMENTcc Research, Infrastructure & ISD Training and Facilitation and HR Development & Planning Training

KUSASA HEALTHCARE (PTY)LTD We are a medical related supply, manufacturer, maintenance and repairs organisation. We believe in making healthcare affordable to the nations. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

KV3 Engineers Consulting Engineering Company offering civil, mechanical and electrical consulting services to public and private organisations. International Agencies and Institutions

KZN Farm Sales & Valuations Valuators, Marketing of Agricultural land, Farms & Smallholdings Consultants

Liberty Hill Academy INTRODUCTION Liberty Hill Academy is located in Ga/Rankuwa location, Witbank CBD, Matshena Rural Area. AndLiberty Hill Academy expects to catch the interest of a regular loyalcustomer based with its abroad of training. The business plans to build a strong market position in the town, due to the partners’ industry experience and mild competitive climate in the area. Liberty Hill Academyaims to offer a competitive price to meet the demands of middle to hire income local market area residents. Training

Lihle Toko 5308 Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Supply and delivery Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

LINBURG ENGINEERING Manufacture and repair White-Metal bearings Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

LMP Consulting Services LMP designs, manufactures and installs SWE Systems to efficiently extract water from sand and supply small to large communities with water. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

logical water how to make south africa green and never have a water shortage Other

London School of Business SA Management Education, Training and Consulting Training

Lonezer Projects Pty Ltd Lonezer Projects is a South African based company that was established in January 2019 to provide a unique blend of high-end integrated and multidisciplinary services and projects of quality standards in supporting our clients to pursue growth and address specific operational issues. Lonezer Projects is 100% black owned company with 50% black male & 50% black female ownership. The company directors and management team each are bringing into the company a pool of diversified and specialized experience and expertise gained from their educational background and working environment. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Loop Steel Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Sale Of Steel and Related Products Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Makone Consulting Civil Engineering Consultants and project Managers Other

Malitech Engineering and Business Solutions Fabrication and Welding, Manufacturing, Other

Maluti GSM Consulting Engineers Consultant Other

Mapal Green Energy Ltd. Mapal Green Energy Ltd., based in the north of Israel, offers innovative proven technology that can significantly reduce the operations and maintenance cost of municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. In addition to being a technology provider, we offer full process design and support including feasibility studies, design supply and construction, commissioning and start up, and O & M contracts. Our CNM floating fine-bubble aeration system is able to achieve up to 70% reduction in the operations and maintenance cost of waste water treatment facilities equipped with the conventional fixed or floated mechanical surface aerators. Our system is easy, safe to install and operates with no need to interrupt the treatment process or drain the reactors. There is no use of electricity inside the water, therefore it can operate in hazard and aggressive effluent. CNM adjusts to the water level and does not require a flat surface or concrete basin. Other

Masa-a-sele (Pty) Ltd Consulting and Technical Support Services, Procurement Services Other

Masetlaoka Scott Wilson Civils/ water and sanitation consulting engineers Other

Maskam Water Maskam Water provides customers with turn-key solutions, by importing a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe. Maskam Water Dealers in each country are trained to sell these products, design systems to their customer’s needs and provide the necessary backup service. The Clarus Fusion is a domestic sewage treatment plant (STP) with full nitrification and de-nitrification processes used in conventional municipal STPs. Organic type industrial water can be treated with this plant. Designed for urban areas, the Clarus Fusion is a compact three stage activated sludge treatment plant, where the recycling of water and sludge for the nitrification and de-nitrification processes is valve-operated and aeration is controlled by an air pump, which may be powered by solar or mains electrical connection. Waste water goes into the sedimentation chamber or anaerobic zone which separates solid and grease waste. From there, the wastewater moves into the anoxic zone which is filled with suspended media, and then into another aeration chamber with membranes that enlarge the surface area for bacteria activity. Wastewater then moves through to the clarifier. UV, chlorine or a combination of both is used post-treatment to sterilise the water. Effluent is then discharged into a natural stream, used for irrigation or greywater reuse. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Mbombela Local Municipality Local Government Technical Services Infrastructure design International Agencies and Institutions

Mbotane Business Servicess cc Suppliers of Promotional Material and Corporates Gifts, Branded. Other

MDCC (Pty) Ltd. Multi-Disciplinary Consultants Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Process Engineering Architectural Project Management Programme management Associated services: Quantity Surveying Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Geo-technical Engineering Environmental Other

Meckow International Limited Meckow International Limited supplies drinking water solutions to the developing world. The MECKOW Aquapur is a unique point of use drinking water tretamentunit which is capable of preventing and removing diseases, bacteria and parasites. Requiring no electricity, it can treat 1000 litres per hour and provide safe clean drinking water from virtually any raw fresh water source, rivers, lakes, wells and boreholes,for up to 2000 people a day. Meckow Aquapur, a simple solution to a complex problem International Agencies and Institutions

Mereng Consultants Consulting Engineers Consultants

MHLABA HYDRO AND GEOTECHNICALS (PTY) LTD We serve and provide reliable solutions to the engineering field. With our traditional methods of creativity,innovative approach to technology and delivery systems. Our services ; Geohydrological and Hydrological assessment Geophysical investigation and Geotechnical investigation Consultants

Midvaal Water Company Bulk water purification & distribution Other

Millennium Pumps Pump suppliers and official distributors for Gorman Rupp, Cornell and Grundfos pumps. Specialists in Water and Waste water treatment. Pump system designs and optimization. Turnkey projects including mechanical, electrical and civil. Other

MM Sebaka EPCM (Pty) Ltd MM Sebaka EPCM (Pty) Ltd is a 100% BEE and proudly South African company, specializing in procurement, construction, engineering design and project management. Our core focus is in the Water Treatment, Mining, Oil and Gas industries and we have the expertise to conduct all aspects of mineral processing for various minerals throughout all project cycles. The quality of our work enables us to offer our clients professional expertise of global standard without compromising on safety. Water is a scarce resource in South Africa and we strive to assist municipalities to attain blue drop and green drop by trouble shooting the treatment processes and coming up with cost effective solutions. Consultants

Mobi Power (Pty) Ltd Original Equipment Manufacturer and supplier of smart prepaid water meters, smart water valve and smart water metering devices for residential, commercial and industrial use. Products are all compliant to South African requirements and legislation. Our prepaid meters are STS compliant and NRCS approved. Our smart valves are a first in the industry and allow us to control water and pressure from DN50 to DN300. Collection and management data provision of water related data via remote reading using IoT Sigfox and other technologies. Other products include Ultrasonic meter from Kamstrup and Electro-mechanical meters from Sensus. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Moedi wa Batho Consulting Engineers and Project Manager Pty Ltd Consulting Engineers Consultants


MOT Professional Services Consultancy MOT Professional Services Consultancy is a Civil Engineering practice established in 2004. The practice is based in South Africa with head offices in Tshwane (Gauteng) and other regional offices in Limpopo and Free State Province. Other

Mpumamanzi Group CC Mpumamanzi Group owns and manages a SANAS Accredited Laboratory and is situated in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. The company also own its own training academy specializing in the formal and informal training of process controllers. Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

MTN Swaziland MTN Service Provider International Agencies and Institutions

MTP Infrastructure Resources Civil Engineering Consultants Other

Mubesko Africa cc Municipal Business Consultants Other

Murray & Roberts Water Murray & Roberts Water has the capability and expertise to undertake feasibility studies, design, supply equipment, install, commission and operate & maintain both conventional and modular skid mounted or containerised water and waste water treatment plants including: Mine Water Treatment Sea Water Desalination Industrial Effluent Treatment Municipal Water & Waste Water Treatment Water Supply for Power Generation Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Naledi Development Professional service provider: Environmental Impact Assessments. Community Communication Programmes. Construction Liaison. Social Impact Assessments. Policy Development. Community Development. BEE Compliant : Level 2 Consultants

Nancy Occupational Health and Wellness Occupational and Primary Healthcare services and products. Medical Fitness Examinations. Mobile Equipment for Medical Fitness Certificate Testings. Wellness talks, testing and counseling. Vaccinations, X-Rays, Drug Tests. Medical Screenings and Testings. Wellness Seminars. Other

Nanotech Water Solutions CC Water Purification Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

National Community Water and Sanitation Training I Provider of training services to the Water and Sanitation Sector Training

National Resources Institute NRI is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary centre for research, consultancy and education for the management of natural and human resources. International Agencies and Institutions

National Surveys We do or facilitate online surveys about any topic. International Agencies and Institutions

Natural Ecosolutions We treat waste water using natural solutions by taking away the odours while at the same reducing suspended solids, COD's and any other organic solids in the waste water. Thus returning aerobic biology and helping clients achieve environmental targets set by DWS Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Ndaba group general supplies company Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

NEDTEX220 CC Specializing in the Building Maintenance and Services in all industry types, (New Installation and Maintenance in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial) ? Electrical ? Plumbing ? Air-condition ? Infrastructure ? Solar system ? Certificate of compliance ? Project Management ? Building Maintenance Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

New South Wales Treasury International Agencies and Institutions

Newcastle Electro Sales (PTY)LTD Electrical Construction and Wholesale Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality Project Management Unit within the District municipality. The district municipality encompass 5 local municipalities, namely;Ratlou, Ditsobotla, Mafikeng, Tswaing and Ramotshere Moilwa. Other

NGT Holdings (Pty) Ltd NGT (Nurture, Grow, Treasure) is a multidisciplinary consultancy working within the predevelopment and development sector. We also specialise in strategy and business development. The firm is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Whilst based in Johannesburg the firm has the capacity to work throughout Southern Africa and the capability to work throughout Africa. We also have a network of highly qualified and experienced associates that we work with on project to project basis to execute work on time and within budget. The company provides environmental & sustainability solutions, built environment & engineering solutions and in strategy & business development solutions. Consultants

Ninham Shand Consulting Services Engineering services Dam engineering Hydrological analyses, modelling and assessment Water resources studies Water resource quality and water quality assessement Environmental impact assessment Water services projects International Agencies and Institutions

NJ Solar NJ Solar is a company that supply and install solar borehole pumps, electrical pumps. NJ Solar is the only company in africa that is so sure of our pumps and the quality that we have a (((3 YEAR guarantee )))) on All our solar and electrical borehole pumps. Whe also supply and install Solar geysers and Solar power systems for domestic and industrial uses. E-mail or phone for a quote ; 076 410 7819 Po box 1967 Standerton 2430 Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

NMS South Africa Maintenance on valves, pumps & Structures. Mobile Crane rentals from R5000 per day. Concrete work, repairs and design works Distributor for Screens Distributor for Filter Presses Distributor for Valves and Pumps Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Noble Water Solutions Noble Water Solutions is a company dedicated to delivering purified drinking water at its source – a means to provide a service to the people, to the communities in outlying areas where they rely on contaminated drinking water from boreholes, dams or rivers. Using renewable energy, Noble Water Solutions, has developed a “water station” which can be installed on site to sanitise contaminated water by destroying all pathogens and oxidising heavy metals, to meet the standards of the World Health Organization's requirements for potable/drinking water – “SANS 241” - this is the guarantee. The Noble Water Station: ? cannot remove poisons. ? can be used to reduce the Sodium Chloride (NaCl) concentrations of up to but not exceeding 800 mg/l to acceptable World Health Organisation levels. A solar powered pump with a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight for a borehole of 60 meters depth will produce 10 000 litres of drinking water a day. Where Electricity is available: a 3 phase motor for one station will produce 50 000 litres of drinking water a day. Design life of the Tank: ? The LLDPE tank and the solar panels have a design life of 25 years ? All components carry a 12 month limited warranty ? Maintenance required annually The Aqua King Sterilization Unit: ? The Noble Water Station contains a sensor that constantly measures the level of contamination and adjusts accordingly to destroy the pathogens present as well as oxidizing the heavy metals. ? Has a 5 year design life but requires annual maintenance ? Where water is extremely contaminated the sterilization unit may need to be replaced annually ? Designed to plug in and plug out The Noble Water Station is patented and has: ? received 3 National Awards, ? 6 International Awards, ? 3 World Awards for innovation in the Civil Engineering sphere. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Nokuduma Industries (Pty) Ltd. Reinforced fibreglass pipes and fittings International Agencies and Institutions

Nokulunga Pumps Enterprises Supplier of submersible sewerage pumps International Agencies and Institutions

Northern Solutions We provide technical engineering and software solutions. Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

North-West University Tersiary learning Other

Nwedzi Hydro-Enviro Technologies Microbiological and Chemical analyses Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

NWID'S Marketing CC T/a New Eyedeas Marketing. Patented Inventors, Manufacturers and Distributors of a Toilet Cistern/Wash trough combination, that replaces the conventional Toilet Cistern and automatically gather waste water from the Wash trough, Wash hand basin and even Sink unit in a RDP house and allow the Tenants to automatically flush the Toilet with Utilized water only. It will double the volumes of available water, but also reduces the waste water flowing into the already exhausted Sewer systems by almost 50%. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

OptimusBio Pty Ltd Manufacture and supply of biodegradable and biological products for water and waste treatment, sanitation and cleaning Other

Organic Cleaning We are an environmentally active, aware & conscience business, supplying environmentally friendly product solutions across all industries. Organic Cleaning focuses on products that work with enzymes and bacteria, incorporating the latest technology. Our products are aimed at all environmentally aware individuals and businesses that are looking for environmentally friendly product solutions which include cleaning products, odour removers, water savers, and waste & pest management products. International Agencies and Institutions

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop The OECD groups 30 member countries sharing a commitment to democratic government and the market economy. With active relationships with some 70 other countries, NGOs and civil society, it has a global reach. Best known for its publications and its statistics, its work covers economic and social issues from macroeconomics, to trade, education, development and science and innovation. The OECD plays a prominent role in fostering good governance in the public service and in corporate activity. It helps governments to ensure the responsiveness of key economic areas with sectoral monitoring. International Agencies and Institutions

Overseas Development Institute ODI is Britain's leading independent think-tank on international development and humanitarian issues. Our mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. We do this by locking together high-quality applied research, practical policy advice, and policy-focused dissemination and debate. International Agencies and Institutions

PACT ENGINEERING FZE PACT Engineering, an ISO 9001-2008, 14001- 2004 & OHSAS 18001-2007 accredited organization and specialized in process design, detailed engineering, fabrication, installation & commissioning of Industrial & large municipal water and waste water treatment systems and equipment . Our manufacturing facility located in UAE covering 5000 Sqm2 shop and warehouse and our middle east head office in Dubai UAE operating through 180 Employees covering GCC , Africa, CIS and Latin America projects. We have supplied wide range of industrial and municipal systems and packages worldwide since 2002 and to several projects specially in UAE and IRAQ with reputed companies such as ; Bechtel , Fluor , British Petroleum , Exon Mobile , Schlumberger, Worley Parsons, NCOC / AGIP, Intecsa, Kharafi National, etc… For supply of Water And Waste Water treatment containerized and Packaged type systems including but not limited to Clarifiers, Filtration Units, UF, RO, MBR, MBBR, SBR, SAF, Grey Water, Oil Separators, etc.. . Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Palax Projects Pty Ltd A small company based in Burgersfort, Limpopo Province in the business of supplying water treatment chemicals and solutions. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Palmer Development Group Specialist Consulting and Research Firm Providing Services in Infrastructure Economics, Finance and Management, Environmental Economics Consultants

Pam's Educational Consultancy Accredited Training Provider with ETDPSETA/CETA/Merseta. We offer skills programmes,learnerships,apprenticeships etc. Our core objectives are Education,Training,Skills Development,Projects,General Training,Supply of goods and services Training

Paramount Distributors (Pty) Ltd We have designed a machine that re-circles water that is used for flashing in toilets, laundry water, bathing water and any type of water used in households and send it back into the households, factories, golf courses etc. This means clean water is only used for drinking and cooking only. The re-circled water is used for all other uses. We don't recommend the water for drinking. The technology is from China and has been tested and approved and is in use in most Asian and European countries. This technology solves our water problem and saves our valuable water resource problem and saving people enormous amounts of money. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

PDNA Consulting Engineers Consultants

PENINSULA WATER TREATMENT & ENG. cc We design, supply, manufacture, install and maintain Chlorination, Chemical Dosing, Filtration and engineering of Equipment in the Water and Waste water, film industry. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers


Pilkas We are general suppliers of generak hardware goods and services(building contractors). Other

Pkhoza Trading private company in supply and delivery Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Plascut 86 (pty)ltd T/A Plasma Cut Steel Service centre specialising in cut to size, fabrication, pipe manufacturing, laser cutting, laser tube cutting, high def plasma cutting, guillotine cutting, bending, rolling, roll on edge(cylinders & flanges), brushing, straightening, machining, specialised welding, distribution of stainless steel plates, channels, bars and flanges. Other

Plasma Cut Steel Service centre specialising in cut to size, fabrication, pipe manufacturing, laser cutting, laser tube cutting, high def plasma cutting, guillotine cutting, bending, rolling, roll on edge(cylinders & flanges), brushing, straightening, machining, specialised welding, distribution of stainless steel plates, channels, bars and flanges. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Playpumps PlayPumps International is a nonprofit collaborative that enables individuals, governments, foundations, and companies to donate PlayPump water systems to rural African communities and schools. Donors to PlayPumps International help improve the lives of children and their families by providing easy access to clean drinking water, enhancing public health, and offering play equipment to millions across Africa. PlayPumps International is registered both as a United States 501©3 organization and as an independent South African NGO, and maintains offices in both countries. PlayPumps International was formerly known as Roundabout PlayPumps. Together, our mission is to provide rural communities throughout Africa with a uniquely sustainable, free supply of clean drinking water. International Agencies and Institutions

Power-C Metering Africa Established in 2011, Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA) is a developer and manufacturer of turnkey end-to-end smart grid solutions including smart meters, bi-directional communications, Meter Data Management System (MDMS), including a customer portal and Vending Management System. Addressing both current and future market requirements, these solutions are part of PCMA’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that supports a comprehensive suite of applications such as real-time fraud elimination, smart prepayment and vending, non-revenue water loss management, and business intelligence dashboards. The combination of a unique technology with a high level of innovation, systems performance, functionality, communications reliability, ease of use, as well as significant value for money is fundamental to PCMA’s success in receiving extensive recognition as a preeminent smart grid solution vendor. With applications used by leading utilities in more than 12 countries within different environments and installations, PCMA designs intelligent technologies for today's needs and solves the most critical and complex challenges of tomorrow. For more information, please visit the PCMA website. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Pravin Amar Development Planners Town Planning and Environmental Consultants Other

Precision Meters (PTY) LTD Water meter manufacturers and distributors. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Prei Instrumentation (Pty) Ltd. Suppliers of online analytical instrumentation International Agencies and Institutions

Premier Valves (Pty) Ltd. Manufacturers & marketer of valves International Agencies and Institutions

Prentec (Pty) Ltd Consulting and Contracting Engineers in the field of Water and Effluent Treatment and Miscellaneous Chemical Processes Consultants


projects supply kent Other

Pure Rain Technologies Pty Ltd Supplier of INTEWA rainwater and greywater re-cycling systems. INTEWA of Germany have been in operation for over 25 years. Currently systems are installed in a number of City of Cape Town buildings (Contact offices, Library, Sports complex) as well as Universities, commercial buildings, schools and residences throughout southern Africa. Chosen by larger organisations due to design philosophy of high efficiency, low maintenance and long service life. Range includes: PURAIN hydraulic-jump rainwater filters, RAINMASTER rainwater pumping systems, AQUALOOP greywater treatment systems and DRAINMAX ground water infiltration & attenuation tunneling. INTEWA systems carry both US and European certifications. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Purifyter Agent for innovative water purifier product Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

q safe CONSULTANT International Agencies and Institutions

q safe cc consultant Other

Quality Filtration Systems Membrane Based Water Treatment, Ultra-filtration, Reverse Osmosis package plants Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Quartex Technologies (Pty) Ltd System development and information management. Quartex has developed a number of information management systems used in Local Government. Our focus is on geospatial data linked to enterprise information. International Agencies and Institutions

RACC Innovation Technologies RACC holds the representation of the Spanish company called Tecnoturbines and their Patented Technology to produce Energy out of excess of pressure in existing water systems. Also has a division to do geophysical surveys looking for water, minerals or any ground contamination detection. Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Rand Water Suppliers of Bulk Potable water to municipalities Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities

Rare Construction General Construction specialising in water International Agencies and Institutions

Rekaofela youth development organization (RYDO) Rekaofela youth development organization (NPO:073-850) is a youth formation was established in 2009 in terms of implementing direct youth development projects in the gauteng province and other neighbouring provinces. NGOs

Reuben Issuing Id Document Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Reveltio Solutions Reveltio Solutions was created with the focus on water conservation with the start of RevliFlush, RevliDome and RevliSol as utility's and service. To help maximum saving on input cost and get better results’. By saving water and money, we are growing Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

River-Wise Aquatic&Wetland Ecologists River-Wise offers specialist freshwater studies. Our expertise focuses on ecological assessments for surface and ground water-linked systems. Our extensive combined experience is complemented by additional expertise in the fields of GIS and Hydrology. Together, our 21 years of collective experience enable us to provide a wide range of water resource related services and keeps us ahead in the field of water related research. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a consistent, ethical and superior quality of service. We also conduct specialist Biodiversity & Ecological Assessments & Specialist Vegetation studies. Other

ROK Stars Plc ROK Stars is a marketing company developing products and brands that have game-changing potential within their sector. Other

Ron Beard Associates Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers International Agencies and Institutions

Roney Hoffmann Consultants cc Process design Laboratory for water & waste water tests Operators training Routine monitoring Consultants

RORISANGTAKING SA EVENTS AND LOCAL PROJETC Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Royal HaskoningDHV Royal HaskoningDHV has been connecting people for 135 years. Together, through our expertise and passion, we have helped contribute to a better society and improved people’s lives with work underpinned by our sustainable values and goals. We are an independent international engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation. Our 6000 colleagues, working from around 100 permanent offices in more than 30 countries on projects in some 150 countries, are committed to our promise to enhance society together. Our professionals deliver services in the fields of aviation, buildings, energy, industry, infrastructure, maritime, mining, transport, urban and rural development and water. We focus on delivering added value for our clients while at the same time addressing the challenges that societies are facing. These include the growing world population and the consequences for towns and cities; the demand for clean drinking water, water security and water safety; pressures on traffic and transport; resource availability and demand for energy and waste issues facing industry. By showing leadership in sustainable development and innovation, together with our clients, we are working to become part of the solution to a more sustainable society now and into the future. We are driving positive change through innovation and technology, helping clients use resources more efficiently and creating solutions which connect with people to make their lives easier, happier and safer. Connecting lives is our history and our future. We are connected through a passion to work on projects that matter and to engineer solutions for our clients that go beyond the original brief. We are connected through work that is enhancing society, contributing to a more sustainable future for our children and our children’s children. Our head office is in the Netherlands, other principal offices are in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Indonesia. We also have established offices in Thailand, India and the Americas; and we have a long standing presence in Africa and the Middle East. Consultants

rssoyotw 1 Consultants

Ruby May Trading Supply,general construction Other

Runrite Electronics Supply of Health & Safety and Industrial instrumentation including Alcolizer Breathalysers, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Mag Flow Meters and any instrumentation to do with Temperature, Flow, Level and Pressure. Also supply of Instrumentation for the solar industry, Moisture analysers, thickness measurement and Load Cells. Owners of Zenith Instruments, panel mount indicators and controllers. Other

Rural Water Supply Network A Global Knowledge Network for Cost-efficient Rural Water Technologies to serve the Poor. International Agencies and Institutions

SA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES (PTY) LTD SA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES (PTY) LTD is a trusted pipe and plumbing supplier that offers the latest developments in water distribution and plumbing. We supply and provide complete water piping solutions across all industries. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sa Water Products (PTY)LTD Supply of water reticulated products in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector.All plumbing and sewer fittings suppliers. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Samtob Geoconsult and General Merchants borehole drilling,irrigation,I T suppliers, Office Furniture Consultants

SANDEC SANDEC is the Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries at the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG) in Duebendorf, Switzerland. Its activities centre on problems of sustainable development in economically less developed countries. Its mandate is to assist in developing appropriate and sustainable water and sanitation concepts and technologies adapted to the different physical and socio-economic conditions prevailing in developing countries. International Agencies and Institutions

Saniwrox Saniworx, a team of highly trained experts in the fields of wastewater treatment, modular ablution facilitates and biochemistry. We've united to solve and provide basic services our communities need. We’ve partnered with local & international suppliers of goods and services to ensure we serve our clients with the highest degree of quality and efficiency. Core Business: - Water Water Treatment Plants (WWTP's). Turnkey Solutions: - Modular Ablutions. - Photovoltaics (PV). - Borehole . - Water Purification (RO, UV & Ozone). - Bio-Chemical Supplies. - Vandal & Theft Resistant Sanitary-ware. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers


SARUS Medical Solutions Distributors of One Drop, 100% Chlorine Free, Eco Friendly water purification solution under licence from Nutritional Holdings (Pty) Ltd Other

Satellite Application Centre Satellite tracking & earth observation International Agencies and Institutions

Scarab Water Originators of the Scarab sewage treatment system. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

SCHEMATIC TRADING (PTY)LTD Supply and Install Thermoplastic Pipework for Water Treat Plants , HDPE,Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF.Also Manufacture Fibreglass Tanks and Pipework Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Schwarz Global Consulting Agents for Flottweg centrifuges - widely used in sewage sludge dewatering and water treatment Agents for Loedige mixers - used for mixing sewage sludge with substrate for composting International Agencies and Institutions

Science Direct Science Direct is the world's largest electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full text and bibliographic information. International Agencies and Institutions

SCIH Researching Iceberg Harvesting Other

sekgetamoeng projects Supplier Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sekhukhune District Municipality Water Services Authority Other

Selectech (Pty) Ltd. Suppliers of water analysis equipment & reagents, laboratory equipment International Agencies and Institutions

Selectra Selectra provides industry leading solutions for treating sewerage and industrial wastewater. We have the ability to provide solutions no matter what the requirements, off-grid rural communities and residential properties, sophisticated plants for housing estates, hotels and lodges or inner-city water recycling. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sentratech LLC Sentratech specializes in the discipline of reliability engineering which combines practical experience, maintenance, safety, physics and engineering. Observational data is combined with experience to develop maintenance and reliability programs to optimize asset performance, reduce risk and minimize the life cycle/operational costs. We provide training and consulting services in Reliability Centered Maintenance, Reliability Centered Spares, Root Cause Failure Analysis and Fault Tree analysis. Our customers local and international are organizations wishing to secure optimum performance from any physical asset (including electrical and electronic equipment) from the viewpoint of safety, environmental integrity, output, product quality and customer service. Other

Sephton Water Technology Thermal desalination research and development Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Sephton Water Technology, Inc. Thermal desalination research and development Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Severn Trent Africa (Pty) Ltd. STA’s advisory services cover the following areas: · Institutional Analysis · Institutional Business Process development and implementation · Institutional Performance Management · Institutional Change Management · Best Practice in Regulation of Water Services · Best Practice in Water Company Operations & Management (delivered via project related study tours) · · Best Practice in Customer Relations Management · · Best practice in Asset Management · Best Practice in Commercial Management · Best Practice in Environmental Management Systems (EMAS) · Revenue Management. Consultants

SewTreat (PTY) LTD SewTreat is a South African company with international expertise in providing biological waste water treatment solutions to all sectors. SewTreat is well established in the waste water sector throughout Sub-Saharan Africa especially in the SADC region. The modular design of our treatment plants makes them a leader in providing solutions for an African continent – quick, efficient and African tested. As a service provider SewTreat draws on expertise from various fields including mechanical, process and civil engineering, microbiologists and consultants to offer the most innovative, cost effective, reliable and sustainable waste water solutions possible. SewTreat personnel have successfully designed, constructed and installed various treatment systems in over 15 African countries. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

SGS Matrolab MATROLAB GROUP (Pty) Ltd, is a civil engineering laboratory and it is our policy to gain client’s confidence through provision of high quality services, in the most timely and economical manner. Other

SGS Matrolab SA SGS Matrolab offers civil engineering , Geotechnical and onsite laboratories. Other

SHUMBA ENGINEERING SERVICES Consulting Engineers involved in: - Water resources planning; - Water services planning; - Water infrastructure planning, design, procurement and project management. Other

Sizanani ABET CAREER SOLUTIONS CC Sizanani ABET Career Solutions had been operating as Sizanani Training Centre, established in 1994 and registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Welfare. “Sizanani” is a Xhosa word and means, “to help each other”. The main objective of the Training Centre was to empower people, especially the previously disadvantaged, through Basic Life Skills training.Having operated as a non-profit organization for ten years, Sizanani Training Centre in 2004 set itself the objective of becoming financially self-reliant by transforming itself into a business entity. The business was registered in October 2005. Sizanani Training Centre then changed its name to Sizanani ABET Career Solutions Training

Sizokusiza Professionals - Healthcare Services We specialise in Occupational Primary Health Care and Wellness services and products. Specialising in Medical Fitness Examination, Vaccinations, Screening, Testing, Primary Healthcare, and Wellness but to mention a few. We have Mobile facilities and X-Ray Units whereby allowing us to travel countrywide throughout the whole of South Africa offering our top quality and professional Healthcare services and products to everyone no matter your company size or industry. Other

Sizokusiza Professionals - Healthcare Services We specialise in Occupational Primary Health Care and Wellness services and products. Specialising in Medical Fitness Examination, Vaccinations, Screening, Testing, Primary Healthcare, and Wellness but to mention a few. We have Mobile facilities and X-Ray Units whereby allowing us to travel countrywide throughout the whole of South Africa offering our top quality and professional Healthcare services and products to everyone no matter your company size or industry. Other


SLAMDAM SLAMDAM has developed a revolutionary ‘movable’ dam, which is an effective measure against flooding, chemical and oil spills The innovative SLAMDAM: • Is a simple construction and rapidly deployable • The inflatable dam is packaged in a box • It takes only 2 people one hour to build • Is patented and TUV-certified • SLAMDAM is made of EPDM or PVC SLAMDAM can be used for: • Preventing / repressing flooding • Preventing / repressing hazardous chemical spills • Repressing oil spills • Storage polluted water and chemicals • Containment extinguishing water (also when washing vehicles) SLAMDAM is used by: • Fire-Fighters • Water authorities / municipalities / defence • Industry • Private individuals • Agriculturists Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Smart Piping Supply We are the import agents for Uponor MLCP piping system and Walraven fixing systems. Uponor products are sold to the public or via builders, architects and plumbers direct via Smart Housing Solutions. SHS offers HSE Designed sanitary water reticulation designs, as to radiant heating and cooling systems. All products offered in our designs are sourced in-house to offer our clientele European products, at the best possible price available. We asses our clients needs and design accordingly, offering premium service, and premium products, with service to match. Please feel free to contact us for assistance anytime. International Agencies and Institutions

SMEC Consulting Engineers Other

SMR Consulting Engineers Professional consulting engineering (civil, structural and water engineering)services Other

SolEco Africa (Pty) LTD SolEco Africa (Pty) LTD, services South Africa and the African continent, with our centre of excellence being established and located in Dube Tradeport, KwaZulu Natal South Africa. Our goal is to assist companies, NGO’s, groups and governments to restore the environment or minimise environmental impact SolEco Africa delivers solutions and technical support for a variety of wastewater environments in many industry and domestic sectors, solving problems in the elimination of odour and reduction of COD and BOD associated with: sewage treatment, dairy effluent, abattoir effluent, hospital effluent and food processing. We also specialise in the improvement of water clarity in standing bodies of water such as golf course features, parks and lakes, industries and irrigation/agriculture. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Solvey Systems Compost Toilet (Waterless) and Compost Bin manufacturer Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sontinga Consulting Services Civil Engineering Consultants International Agencies and Institutions

Spiral Draught and Design We provide a full architectural design service tailored to meet the client’s requirements, with an innovative approach to deliver the optimum architectural design, from conceptual design to construction drawings within financial and programme constraints. We recognize that the key to our success is collaborating with our clients to help them market their services so they can spend more time on what they do best. Whether your project is large or small Our services include architectural CAD drafting and detailing from single family to large residential & commercial buildings, tenant improvement and construction projects including general layout, plan, elevation and sections Consultants

SRK Consulting SRK Consulting provides a wide range of specialist services primarily in the fields of engineering and earth sciences. SRK’s multi-disciplined Water Department specialises in a range of water services in the mining and industrial sectors. The team has expertise and experience in groundwater vulnerability, waste site monitoring, contaminant plume modelling, specialist investigations, stormwater management, river basin projects, water resource development, flood studies, river training, water quality, water management policies and practice. The Water Department can also provide a wide range of services in the civil and structural fields including project management, design, drawing, contract documentation, administration and site inspection for the provision of civil and structural infrastructure to mining, urban, commercial and industrial developments. Specialised structures for the containment and disposal of pollutants have also been developed. Consultants

SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd SSI was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1922. Registered as Stewart Scott (Pty) Ltd and trading as Stewart Scott International (SSI), the company owes its name to its far-sighted founding fathers – George Stewart, a specialist in water cycle and municipal services projects and Frederick Scott, whose forté was transport and structural design. An innovator from its early years, SSI was one of the very first independent consulting engineering companies in Southern Africa and later, also one of the first to be established as an empowerment company. The company`s name changed to SSI, a DHV company, in September 2006 after the DHV Group became the majority shareholder. SSI has rendered over 85 years of continuous service to the southern African water industry, and is fully committed to providing tailor-made solutions, specifically associated with basic water and sanitation. Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Stellenbosch University Educational and research Institution Other

steve tshwete local municipality municipality Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities

Stockholm Environment Institute SEI is an independent, international research institute specializing in sustainable development and environment issues. It works at local, national, regional and global policy levels. The SEI research programmes aim to clarify the requirements, strategies and policies for a transition to sustainability. These goals are linked to the principles advocated in Agenda 21 and the Conventions such as Climate Change, Ozone Layer Protection and Biological Diversity. SEI along with its predecessor, the Beijer Institute, has been engaged in major environment and development issues for a quarter of a century. It seeks to be a leader in the creation of a new field of sustainability science aimed at understanding the fundamental character of interaction between nature and society, and to contribute to the capacities of different societies to build transitions to more sustainable futures. SEI's mission is to support decision-making and induce change towards sustainable development around the world by providing integrative knowledge that bridges science and policy in the field of environment and development. International Agencies and Institutions

Stored Energy Technologies (Pty) Ltd ("SET") Stored Energy Technologies (Pty) Ltd trading as SET Energy Solutions was established in 1999. The aim was to focus on alternative and renewable energy products and systems for retail and infrastructure development. In this context SET was a founding member and investor of various ventures focusing on the distribution of batteries and solar related products to the retail industry. In 2012 SET became an operating company primarily focusing on off grid renewable energy projects. SET is an equipment supplier and know how provider for projects related to rural development and installations to become grid independent. Various installations for rural schools and housing have been completed successfully. The product portfolio comprises amongst others of:- Solar Street Lights Solar Housing Systems Solar Water Heating Systems Energy efficient lighting SET has supply agreements with a number of reputed overseas suppliers. Products and systems supplied conform to all internationally accepted standards and certification. With our commitment to rural development in the solar energy market, we became aware that South Africa will face serious water problems if steps are not taken to increase the country’s efficiency of water use or ability to distribute water to its people. With available drinking water being such a priority in, especially, the rural areas of South Africa, we deem it prudent to make you aware of a product made available by SET based in Centurion, Gauteng, RSA. This product is manufactured in Austria by Helioz GmbH and is already distributed to India and Africa regions with which company we formed an alliance for Southern Africa to ensure clean water supply to our people. Helioz has developed an inexpensive device to guarantee safe drinking water using only the sun. The product is available right now in South Africa. Easy to use and no training required. How does WADI work? ? WADI contains a UV sensor that measures the sun’s UV radiation and then compares the measurements with scientifically proven reduction of pathogens in the water ? WADI is an easy to use solar powered UV measurement device that visualises the process of solar water disinfection in plastic bottles ? A smiley face on the WADI display indicates the point of time at which the UV-radiation of the sun has made contaminated water in a PET bottle safe to drink. Regards John Lamont Stored Energy Technologies (Pty) Ltd ("SET") Tel: 012 661 1618 Fax: 012 653 4708 email: email: Website: Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sud Chemie Water and Process Technologies ( Pty) l Manufacture and supply of water treatment chemicals and engineering equipment Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sunpacer Manufacturing cc Light engineering manufacture including light structures, trailers, kit cars, electric fencing and access controls Other

SUPPLYFIX Valve and Waterworks Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor. Condition Monitoring Provider. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Sustainable Drop Projects (Pty) Ltd Sustainable Drop Projects (SDP) is an environmental engineering consultancy providing hydrological and geohydrological specialist assessments services, dam yield assessment speciality, hydrological modelling applying the WRSM2000, WRYM and the Rainfall IMS models. It undertakes water and wastewater treatment process designs and develops and undertakes specialist training workshops especially with the hydrological modelling using the above stated models Consultants

Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) is a government expert authority with a mission to monitor the epidemiology of infectious disease among Swedish citizens and promote control and prevention of these diseases. International Agencies and Institutions

Swiss Resource Centre & Consultancies for Developm Skat is an independent resource centre and consulting company. It is committed to sustainable development in developing countries and countries in transition. International Agencies and Institutions

Tala Engineering Projects We offer Turn-Key, on site, water Bioremediation systems using micro-organisms coupled with engineering expertise. Our products are 100% environmentally friendly and safe. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Talbot & Talbot (Pty) Ltd Talbot & Talbot provides sustainable water & wastewater solutions to the industry, with 26 years experience. The SANAS 17025 accredited laboratory offers & specialises in chemical & microbiological analyses for various applications. Engineering and Operations offers turnkey solutions and operations for water and wastewater applications. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Talbot Integrated Services (Pty) Ltd Water & Wastewater Specialists providing a variety of water and wastewater technologies and solutions. Consultants

Tarsicel CC By way of background, let me take this opportunity to introduce our company, Tarsicel. Tarsicel is a 100% black owned company focusing in water and wastewater treatment plants and the supply of chemicals, consumables and services to the water and wastewater treatment market. The rationale for exploring opportunities in the water and sanitation space is also driven by our wish to work with in improving operational efficiency for instant reduction in water leakage, continuity of water supply, improve revenue collection, water conservation audits and solutions (valves and hydrant audits), meter management programme (new meter installation, repairs and replacements of domestic and bulk water), pressure management, pipe replacement, retrofitting and commissioning, non revenue water assessments etc. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Tasslelane Technologies (pty) LTD Supplier of Leak detection equipment. Supplier of data logging equipment (flow & pressure). Wireless equipment supplier. Telecommunications equipment supplier Cable locating & surge generation equipment supplier International Agencies and Institutions

Tearfund Tearfund is an evangelical Christian relief and development agency working with local partners to bring help and hope to communities around the world. Last year Tearfund supported over 500 projects in 90 countries. Tearfund is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee of leading aid agencies. International Agencies and Institutions

TEDS COMPANY LJLJLJLJ International Agencies and Institutions


The Mvula Trust The Mvula Trust is the largest water and sanitation non-governmental organisation (NGO) in South Africa. It supports water and sanitation development. International Agencies and Institutions

Thelamanzi Manufacturing cc Manufacture and Sales of mechanical community standpipes Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Tholoana Environmental Consulting Tholoana’s strengths and core competencies are its long-years of combined experience in various sectors of the environmental management industry – government and private sector. Tholoana Environmental Consulting, as a 100% Black woman-owned enterprise with a Level 3 BBBEE profile and expertise, is rare in the industry. Key success factors are the company’s will to succeed which will be shown in striving for the highest level of quality in serving our clients, a commitment to continuous development of Black professionals and previously disadvantaged persons is our core philosophy and this has given us a name in the industry as a leading BBBBEE consultancy. Consultants

Thomason Consulting (Pty) Ltd International Agencies and Institutions

Three Tier Construction(PTY)LTD We are a multi-disciplinary construction engineering company, which specialises in the disciplines of structural steelwork,piping, mechanical erection,tanks. International Agencies and Institutions

Titima eCosystems Supplier of waterless urinals and microbial cubes that allow existing urinals to be run without water Other

Top-Up Solutions Trading and Projetcs Top-Up Solutions Trading and Projects (TUSTP) offers a quality and interoperable business software solutions and services coupled with integration and change management. We offer Software development, consulting and managed services. Specifically for the department we have develop a Water resource management solution which monitors the water infrastructure to detect leakages, remote water pressure management, etc. Academia, Scientific, Technology and Research

Transicaa Ventures Agents for distribution of “Rainman Portable Water Desalination Machine” from Australia for South Africa Region and Indian sub continent. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Tricon Agric Services PTY LTD Prepare and submit water lisence Other

Triumphant Zoe Pty Ltd Triumphant Zoe Pty Ltd (Property)bring plans to life. Be it a plan to build your dream home, a residential development, retail development, shopping centre, mixed used development, refurbishment of an existing building, a hotel development, an airport or a water treatment plant. Consultants

TSHIMO YA RONA Tshimo ya rona is a community non- profit organisation which strives to empower the community by job creation through agriculture. NGOs


Ukhozi Lwentaba marine desalination specialists specializing in desalination plants to provide fresh water from sea water using large plants born from the latest technology supplying millions of liters of fresh water per day Other

UL water saver Other

Umgeni Water Umgeni Water is the largest water utility in KwaZulu-Natal, the second-largest in South Africa and one of the most successful water management companies on the African continent. International Agencies and Institutions

United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. It has the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality. UNICEF believes that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress. It works with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path. International Agencies and Institutions

United States Agency for International Development The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has a long history of extending a helping hand to those people overseas struggling to make a better life, recover from a disaster or striving to live in a free and democratic country. International Agencies and Institutions

Unity Inside Water Management and Environmental Protection. Consultants

University of Minnesota International Agencies and Institutions

University Stellenbosch Other

Uthingo This company purifies water and cleans sewerage and also builds dams from scratch Other

Utility Systems Utility Systems is an industry leader in the field of remote communicating electronic water control valves and STS prepayment devices. Established in 2001, the company offers cutting-edge smart digital technology for water metering and has a global customer base. Our water management device, the WMD, converts analogue water meters into smart meters to provide: Free basic water, STS prepayment, Automated meter reading (AMR), Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Bulk water management. All of our products are designed and manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Vacuum and Fluid Technology Design and manufacture of Water and Sewage equipment - Sluice gates, penstocks, channel gates, weirs, hand stops. Manufacture and corrosion protection of piping, vessels and tanks (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steels and engineering plastics (HDPE, Polypropylene, PVDF). Structural steel, sheet metal and plate manufacture, corrosion protection and installation. Manufacture of equipment in GRP and engineering plastics. Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems - design, sales, manufacture and repair. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

VAG Valves South Africa VAG's journey from a traditional manufacturing company to a modern solutions provider has surely not gone unnoticed. At the end of our journey, we retained the traditional aspects that make us a strong valve manufacturer, namely a wide range of proven products and the know-how of a highly experienced crew. On our way, however, we took new aspects onboard such as courage, inventiveness, initiative and motivation. They not only help us extend our know-how, they also enable us to offer our customers solutions no-one else can. Like Columbus, we don’t wait for our customers to discover us but set off on a journey to discover the new world in search of new challenges and new solutions. We set new standards in quality and service. Our priority is manufacturing excellence. Innovative and customised solutions continuously enrich our product range. But taking a new course does not mean that we threw important values overboard. We are, and will remain, a mid-sized customer-focussed company. For us, trust and personal service are not just empty words. The wind in our sails is the wind of change. We have listened to our customers and set sail on our journey. We are dedicated to defining new standards in water and wastewater products. We are dynamic, responsible and full of new ideas. Join us on our voyage to the new world. We will find a solution also for your application, doesn't matter if you need our experience in water control, wastewater or valve service Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Valcon Kwazulu Natal (PTY) LTD. Valcon Kwazulu Natal is a supplier and distributor of many industrial valves. Valcon imports industrial valves and instrumentation from mainly the USA, Europe and India to service the Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Sugar and Water Works industries in Southern Africa. 90% of all our clientele is blue chip. The company was established in 1992 and subsequently in 2000, we established our Durban Division VALVE SUPPLIER AND DISTRIBUTOR OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS AND PRODUCTS: DELVAL BUTTERFLY VALVES VENT-O-MAX KV GATE VALVES AST SAFETY RELIEF VALVES CDC Bursting discs-USA LVF API forged ball, gate, globe, and check valves-small bore- Italy HH Cast gate, globe, check, and parallel slide valves-large bore-UK Groth Tank protection equipment- USA Narvik-Yarway De-super heaters and level indicators- Holland Fluid Kinetics Silencers-USA ControlAir I/P transducers and precision air regulators- USA EST Pipe plugging equipment- Holland / USA Schroedahl Feed Pump Re-Circulation Valves, & control valves- Germany Other

Vela VKE Consulting Engineers Other

Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies (Pty) Ltd A holistic water and wastewater treatment company, offering a full range of services, from turnkey contracting for large and small projects, to speciality chemicals for the industrial and municipal markets Other

Vhembe District Municipality Water Service Authority Other

vmcgtrhk 1 Govt incl Govt Agencies & Municipalities

VOX Group Engineering Consultancy Consultants

VR Environmental Consultants Provide technical expertise to the water and waste management industry. Provide Project Management services for bulk work projects Provide Isokinetic Sampling Services for compliance monitoring PM10 and SO2 measurement AEL Applications Basic Assessments Other

Vulamanzi Water Management Systems (Pty) Ltd > METROLOGY -Water audits & balancing. -Pressure management. -Data logging & Analysis. -In-situ testing. -Meter selection, sizing. -Testing water meters to SANAS 1529. -Implementation of Quality Systems & Regulations. > MECHANICAL -Pump Maintenance. -PRV Maintenance. -Meter Maintenance > Automatic Meter Reading (Installation & Management) > Bulk & Domestic Water Meter Supply International Agencies and Institutions

VUSI NOMANDLA Supplier of water purification chemicals Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

vxoshait 1 Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

WAMTechnology CC Providers of specialist systems and servicesa in Health and Water related projects offering IT solutions, implementation of systems, training, support and service level agreements Sole supplier of Municipal Assistant Other

Water Aid - water for life WaterAid is dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. International Agencies and Institutions

water and sanitation services south africa Water and Sanitation Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd (WSSA) is a triple ISO certified water services provider offering solutions to water services institutions in Southern Africa. WSSA has continuously developed its products and services to provide a comprehensive range of solutions; specifically, in the areas of management, operation, maintenance, construction, refurbishment and upgrade of all water and waste water treatment, distribution, collection and storage infrastructures, to water services providers. WSSA also offers support for Blue & Green Drop, No Drop, and Water Conservation and Demand Management (WCDM) programmes. Other

Water and Environmental Health at London and Lough (WELL) is a resource centre funded by the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID) to promote environmental health and wellbeing in developing and transitional countries. It is managed by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), Loughborough University. International Agencies and Institutions

Water and Sanitation Program The Water and Sanitation Program is an international partnership for improving water and sanitation sector policies, practices, and capacities to serve poor people. International Agencies and Institutions

WATER CONNECTIONS Supplier of water, energy and money saving bathroom products. Water Connections began in 1997 as a marketing company based in the Cape Province for the distribution of quality plumbing products and components. We were then agents for a number of companies as well as the company Churrasco which was owned and directed by a Swiss National, Mr Felix Gerber. Mr. Felix Gerber had already, established and well known European and Asian companies who were manufacturing products and components to the entire world. It is through this partnership that Mr. Junade Sheik and Mr. Felix Gerber introduced some very innovative and now commonly used products in South Africa. Amongst these products are the SABS Approved Stainless Steel flexi braided hoses used for water connections on almost all bathroom and basin applications. We also introduced some of the most reliable and highest quality angle valves made in Germany and DZR service valves for use all over South Africa. Water quality and pressure all taken into account. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Water From Air TM Water From Air is a South African based company who manufacture water makers locally in Durban, our machines produce water purely from thin AIR… We have four different size machines producing from up to 32L to up to 1500L per 24 hours. Our AW3 unit is our top seller producing up to 32 L per day which will allow you to simply use as a Water dispenser or bottle your own pure water and sell or give to your guests and staff. We have incredible laboratory tests showing the purity of our water. The unit stands 1.2m high on a set of wheels for easy mobility and once the machine has been delivered to you within 72 hours you simply role it out your box, plug it in, wait few hours and take a sip of yesterday’s humidity We can supply you with bottles, caps as well as the labelling and artwork for bottling your own water. Bottles come in a 330ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5l with two stylish designs to choose from. We have a full back up service and nationwide teams These machines can run on solar and generators. All prices have been reduced due to local manufacturing costs , prices excl VAT. Any units bigger than the AW3 unit are made to order, either on a rugged off road trailer or a free standing unit. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information in assisting you on saving existing precious water and generating new water from the air. Every Litre our machine makes is a Litre left in the dams and rivers. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Water Information Network WIN-SA is a network of organisations focusing on improving knowledge sharing in the water and sanitation sector, targeting decision makers in government and non-government water services sector. These organisations all have a vested interest in information and knowledge generation and dissemination to local government. They are trying to ensure the body of knowledge in the sector is well managed, readily accessible and applicable, and will lead to improved decision-making and performance in the area of water and sanitation. International Agencies and Institutions

Water Research Commission The WRC operates in terms of the Water Research Act (Act 34 of 1971) and its mandate is to support water research and development as well as the building of a sustainable water research capacity in South Africa. The WRC serves as the country’s water-centred knowledge ‘hub’ leading the creation, dissemination and application of water-centred knowledge, focusing on water resource management, water-linked ecosystems, water use and waste management and water utilisation in agriculture. International Agencies and Institutions

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council The Council seeks to: Accelerate the achievement of sustainable sanitation, hygiene and water services to all people, with special attention to the unserved poor, by enhancing collaboration and coordination of all sector stakeholders, nationally and internationally International Agencies and Institutions

Water, Engineering and Development Centre The Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) is one of the world's leading institutions concerned with education, training, research, and consultancy relating to the planning, provision, and management of infrastructure for development. WEDC is devoted to activities that improve the health and well-being of people living in both rural areas and urban communities. We encourage the integration of technological, environmental, social, economic, and management inputs for effective and sustainable development. WEDC has steadily increased its range of activities, level of expertise and number of staff since it was founded in 1971. It now forms the core of the Institute of Development Engineering, established in 1995 to reflect the growth of new areas of professional interest which have broadened well beyond the boundaries of water and sanitation engineering. International Agencies and Institutions

WATERMASTER Watermaster is specifically designed multipurpose dredger for shallow water environment such as; small rivers, lakes, ponds, basins and seashores. The maximum working depth is about 6,3 meters. Watermaster multipurpose water construction machine works where no other machines can operate. It has an excellent mobility and is suitable for numerous applications, for example: • Environmental work : Cleaning and maintenance of dams, lakes, ponds, rivers, canals., Removal of vegetation & litter. Flood prevention • Industrial work: Waste ponds cleaning and mining applications. • Civil engineering work: Deepening work, piping and cable work, maintenance work. Moving Watermaster is easy. The machine is transportable as complete unit on public roads. It can load and unload by itself and "walk" in and out of water without crane assistance. When it is in water it cruises to the site using its own propulsion system. Anchoring and moving at the working site is also independent, so no wire-cables, separate anchors or assisting vessels are needed. Watermaster reduces investment, operational and maintenance costs, since one machine can do the work of many separate machines. Water master technology is sturdy and reliable. COMPANY PROFILE: Aquamec Ltd. specializes in marketing, developing and manufacturing machines under brand name Watermaster. Watermaster is an amphibious multipurpose dredger for all shallow water work. Watermaster technology is currently solving shallow water challenges with hundreds of units in over 60 countries worldwide, including African continent, such as maintenance of process- and wastewater ponds and recovering of valuable materials in mines and enrichment plants, restoring shallow waterways and shores, preventing floods, removing vegetation, cleaning polluted urban canals and construction work in water environment. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Watertainer SA Pty Ltd PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDED WATER TANK 1500LT & 1000LT Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Waterworks water treatment service provider providing the technology on membrane filtration, the specrum from desalination reverse osmosis or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) removal down to particle filtration or suspended solids removal. our market offering provides a range of solutions that allow organizations and institutions alike to apply the best practises the ensure continuous skills development and socio-economic benefits at a local level that are associated with using our technology. International Agencies and Institutions

WATSUP Development CC Water supply and sanitation specialist consultancy providing short training courses and consultancy services for water supply, treatment, on-site sanitation and wastewater treatment. Training

WEC Projects (Pty) Ltd WEC Projects is a leading EPC contractor that specialises in the provision of engineered solutions in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, WEC Projects is active throughout the African continent. Our core focus areas include water treatment, sewage treatment and renewable energies. We undertake biogas-to-energy projects and we offer sludge beneficiation solutions. WEC Projects is the exclusive South African licensee for Nereda® which allows for sustainable and cost-effective large-scale sewage treatment. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Wegezi Power Holdings - DISCFLO PUMPS Wegezi Power Holdings (Level 4 B-BBEE Status)is the ONLY Sole agent for Discflo Pumps in RSA and Africa. We provide solutions to difficult pumping problems. WE SELL PUMPS NOT PARTS... In severe applications where abrasion, viscosity, entrained air, excessive wear and corrosion problems wreak havoc on pump systems and degrade products Discflo dramatically reduces pump wear, is virtually clog free, and prevents product damage. * Little maintenance required - So there is little or NO downtime * Disc pumps need few (if any) spare parts * Protects shear-sensitive and delicate solids We are proud to be part of BMG (Bearing Man Group) Other

Wetland Consulting Services (Pty.) Ltd. Specialist wetland and riparian consultants International Agencies and Institutions

White earth trading cc t/a Wetchem As a supplier of chemicals and equipment for use in potable and wastewater treatment, Wetchem understands the need to be cost competitive, efficient and innovative. Therefore we work closely with local and global suppliers to enable us to provide the best products and solutions to our customers. We aim to be innovative in providing solutions to customers and are constantly searching for new technology/products to make potable water and wastewater treatment more cost effective. We are able to supply water treatment plants for potable, wastewater and sewage treatment on small and large scale. Consultants

World Health Organization The World Health Organization is United Nations specialized agency for health. It's objective is the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health. International Agencies and Institutions

Wost Man Ecology AB Wost Man Ecology AB produces the perfect enclosed toilet system. Hygienic, economic, ecological, convenient and totally free from odour. International Agencies and Institutions

xsnxdvlp 1 Consultants

Yellowstar bentonite We are suppliers of Bentonite, supplying the chemical, agricultural, mining and industrial clientele of our product Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Youth Breaking New Grounds We gather new or different strategies to better the future, for we are the Youth of this country. Other

Zanchin Pty Ltd Manufacturers of a chlorine free water disinfectant for humanitarian markets Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

zero7health Other

ZeroDig (Pty) Ltd We provide a world leading Microbial Floating BioReactor that treats wastewater naturally and digests all organic waste. No sludge handling. No chemicals. Save on electricity costs. Can be retrofitted to existing sewer plants. We are the Sa distributors for a comprehensive range of both small and large diameter pipe rehabilitation systems and machinery from the USA. How can we help you? We welcome all enquiries and look forward to your call or email... or +27824900980 Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Zitholele Consulting Zitholele Consulting, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, was established in 2003, is a Level 1 BBBEE company and primarily offers Specialist Consulting Services in the fields of Engineering, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Strategic Communication, amongst other peripheral assignments that support its core capabilities, especially in the municipal environment where a broad range of skills, methodologies and support mechanisms are essential. Consultants