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ZeroDig Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We are a specialised water preservation company that offers potable and waste pipe rehabilitation systems as well as waste water treatment systems for the African continent

710 PRODUCTZ Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers 1.Level 1 Women & Military Veteran Owned 2.Onsite Car Wash 3.Beverages

Ace Hydraulic Services Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Sales & repairs to all hydraulic & mechanical equipment as well as manufacturing & design of a big range of hydraulic & pneumatic equipment.

Ainsworth Valve Manufacturers Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Ainsworth Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a Local Manufacturer of Valves for the Water Works and Mining industries in South Africa. Ainsworth has been manufacturing valves for more than 70 years: Resilient Seal Gate Valves: Sizes 50-600mm for PN16 & 25 pressure(Flanged, Socketed, PE, RS& NR Underground Fire Hydrants: The Resilient Seal type in SG-Iron with Bayonet outlet and London Vee Thread (LVT) & London Round Thread (LRT) outlets SG-Iron Cast Steel and Stainless Steel Wedge Gate Valves: Sizes 50 to 1400mm for PN10,16, 25 & 40   High Pressure Wedge Gate Valves: Cast Steel Gate Valves in pressure classes 60,100 & 160 bar over the full range of sizes.   Swing Check Non-Return Valves: Single door in sizes 50-700mm and double door in size 600NB and larger (up to DN1400), both in pressure PN 16, 25 & 40 bar in SG-Iron and in Cast Steel. Tilting Disc Reflux Valves: From size 200 upwards in pressure classes 10, 16, 25 and 40 bar Butterfly Valves: Wafer type up to 600mm in PN10,16 & 25 , Double flanged from 200mm upwards in PN10, 16, 25, 40 & 60 bar   Special Valves: Ainsworth Engineering also manufacture many types of special valves such as Sleeve Valves, Ring Needle Valves, Grove Control Valves & Pressure Reducing Valves etc.

air to water africa Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers producing drinking water from nothing but air Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers supply water harvesting solutions for Home to Industrial requirements. From as little as 12ltrs to 100,000 ltrs per day we can build a system for your water demands. Systems are scalable and 24/7 365 days reliable. Creating your own healthy water alternative is the only way to secure independance from our conventional water sources. Stock available from R19,500 and delivery within 72 hours

AJ Mining and Industrial Supplies Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Construction of Pump Stations,Pipelines,Water Treatment Plants and Maintenance of all of the above.We also supply and install Pumps,Valves and All Electrical and Telemetry.

Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers The only black owned commercial/industrial water purification company in America. We design water purifiers based on nanotechnology that can treat up to 10 million gallons of water per day. If more volume needs to be treated we can connect an unlimited number of our purifiers together to treat hundreds of billions of gallons of water per day. All of our water purifiers utilize our own brand of medical grade electrodes that are 99.999% pure silver, magnesium, zinc or 9 other metals. Our water filters are listed in the space foundation hall of fame and are used by NASA in their deep space missions. We have tanks that can hold up to 60,000 gallons of water each. We are a corporate member of The Houston Black Chamber of Commerce, and we are a proud vendor of the United Nations.

Apache Products and Services SA Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We are a company that specialists in all PPE, First Aid and Clinical Equipment, Cleaning Chemicals, Fire Equipment, Signage, Medical Fitness Examinations, Occupational and Wellness Services and Medical Screening and Testing.

Aphelele business enterprise Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers SUPPLIES OF PLUMBING AND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES OUR Plumbing Service, Inc. offers a full range of top quality plumbing services to meet all of your residential and commercial needs. Our uniformed plumbers come prepared by having every car fully stocked with all parts and equipment, so our technicians are prepared to handle any plumbing problem or emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our plumbing services include Repair/Sales/Installation of sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, piping, fixtures, garbage disposals. AND our construction side offer General Contracting will bring your building design plans into action. We'll be your full-service general contracting services partner.

Aqua Air Africa Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Airtowater-Africa is the appointed distribution agent. We distribute a unique concept into Africa and its environs. This concept condenses moisture from the atmosphere purifies the condensate and dispensers it as safe drinking or potable water. Our machines use patented technology to provide clean, clear drinking water from the air we breathe without burdening the environment with waste plastic bottles.

Aqua Power GmbH Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Aqua Power technology - treatments of water through the energy for humans, animals and plants consumption. We give molecularly dead water life again which as a consequence has benefits on human, animal and plant health.

Aquamarine Water Treatment Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Aquamarine Water Treatment, a business unit of Murray & Roberts Water, is a water and effluent treatment company that supplies containerised and / or skid mounted solutions to customers in many different market sectors such as: • Food, beverage and alcohol manufacturers • Mining and exploration • Agriculture, Aquaculture and farming • Industrial • Hotels and resorts • Municipal Major products include: • Seawater and brackish water desalination plants • Mobile trailer systems • Filtration and disinfection plants • Ultrafiltration and clarification plants

ATLANTA INSTRUMENTS Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Maintenance, calibration and installation of flow meters and instrumentation equipment. Specialize in flow measurement and verification of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters. Sole agent for TOKYO KEIKI and ATLANTA flow equipment in SADC area. Supply air to water equipment as well as small RO plants.

AZRANITE INVESTMENTS Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Azranite is an ecologically sensitive and envirmentally friendly company that specializes in point of used water purification with the emphasis on bringing safe drinking water to the masses. The cost effectiveness of our products combined with the products unique qualitites and diverse application sets Azranite apart from any other company in the water industry. see our website Azranite used for Acid mining drainage, large water body, sewer treatment, portable water, agricultural use.

Bannow Blivet Sanitation Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Bannow Blivet Sanitation Technology

Batlokwa Reya Pele (Pty)Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Fencing, Pump Supplier, Non Industrial and Industrial Cleaning, Plumbing, Road and Civil Works, Labour Hire

Becon Watertech (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacturer and supplier of sewage & wastewater treatment plants for smaller communities since 1975

Becon Watertech PTY LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Becon Watertech is a privately owned South African company, established in 1975, to offer solutions in water and wastewater treatment applications. The company has a fabrication and engineering workshop with offices in Johannesburg as well as agents and maintenance offices and representation across South Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Belting Supplies Services BEP Bestobell Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We are suppliers of water quality monitoring and control system.

Betram (PTY) Ltd. Trading As Amalooloo Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Betram (Pty) Ltd trading as Amalooloo was founded in 1986 and for the past 34 years developed a character of passionate involvement in bringing about high quality, sustainable sanitation solutions to the communities of our country and abroad. Sanitation is our core business and through commitment and extensive investment in research and development we have been able to close the “Sanitation Loop”, under the brand name Amalooloo. This Holistic, Sustainable and Ecologically Friendly Dry Sanitation Solution with Extensive Health and Hygiene benefits has resulted in the improvement of dignity and quality of life that our people so rightfully deserve. All though we specialize in dry sanitation technologies, we also accommodate all the different sanitation applications in all walks of life. We are industry experts and continue to invest substantially in research and development to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of advanced sanitation technology. The outcome of the results has proven to be a world break-through in closing the sanitation loop. We believe the Amalooloo System is at the forefront of solving sanitation problems in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. It is an affordable, superior product without compromising quality or style and includes the safe management, storage, collection, treatment and disposal of human excreta. Our unique, AMALOOLOO DIVERSION SYSTEM (ADS) is one of the key components in the completion of the ‘Sanitation Loop’. We believe in the empowerment of our people through the transfer of skills, training, technologies and processes. We establish factories within District Municipal Regions for the provision of sustainable job opportunities for factory workers, as well as local community members in the implementation of sanitation technologies that improve health and hygiene practices, resulting in dignity and improved quality of life.

biopower corporation(pty) ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers we specialized in the following: - biological and natural sanitation products - sanitation solutions and related products - maintenance and rehabilitation of sewerage treatments works - consulting services on water and sanitation

Braybar Pumps Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Pump manufacturer and refurbishment

Brentwood Lodge Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Accommodation - Vaal Dam

Canadian Crystalline Waters India Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Established in the year 1969, at Chennai, we Canadian Crystalline Water India Ltd, have inched forward as well recognized manufacturers and exporters of advanced technology based water purifying plants & other allied products. Our more than 5000 turkey projects have been supplied in many countries including India, Middle East, South East Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, USA, Eastern Europe, Bangladesh & others. The entire product assortment is designed & developed in accordance to high reliability, safety and optimization standards well specified in the global arena. We are efficient in designing & developing of Seawater Desalination Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, PET Blowing Machine And Packaging Equipment, Pump, Membrane, RO System, Water Treatment Plant and Microbrewery Equipment, etc. These are exclusively used in many industries including bottle water, beverage industry, textile industry, food industry, chemical & pharmaceutical industry & others. Our successful history for the past 40 years speaks about our Technical Strength.

Concrete Doors and Vaults Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We manufacture concrete doors, lids and vents for the protection of pump stations, sewer plants and many more.

Demca Actuation Solutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Suppliers of Electric Actuators

Dinoko and associates pty ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier of goods and services using relevant procurement strategies to acquire quality goods and services

Diversified Enterprise COMPLEX 1 Ltd. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Professional manufacturer of modular bolted tanks made of stainless steel and of galvanized steel. We use unique technologies and modern equipment for providing worldwide best solutions for storage of potable water, technical water, wastewater, rainwater harvesting, firefighting water, beverages and other liquids and bulk products. Our tanks are widely used at industrial enterprises, food-processing industries, municipalities, hotels, resorts, residential complexes, private residences, airports, shopping centers, malls and so on.

Dovecall Green Technology Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers we provide recycled sewage treatment plant and potable water purification plant

ECNO Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supply. Install. Maintain – AMR Supply. Install. Maintain – Domestic meters Supply. Install. Maintain – Bulk water meters Plumbing supplies & services Onsite staff training and development – Installation and basic maintenance Remote support and service Water saving solutions and products Project Management – Municipal projects for meter reading …

Ecotech Africa (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Ecotech Africa offers sustainable Environmental Services for the African continent. Services Include: Waste Water Treatment Water Purification Wash Bays

Ekhayalethu Travel Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Travel Agency

ElastyChem Tape Solution Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacturing and Water management

ELSTER Kent Metering (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacture and trade in residential, commercial and industrial water meters as well as related products and systems such as pipe and leak location, data logging and automatic meter reading.

ELW GLOBAL LOGISTICS Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacture and supply of Water Purification Plant and Diesel Field Kitchen

Empire Drilling (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Borehole Drilling

Flowmetrix Sales cc Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers FLOW METER - Sales, Manufacture and calibration of electromagnetic flowmeters, doppler flow meters, and time of flight flowmeters,flowmeter, flow meter. Brands: Safsonic, Safmag, Honsberg, Kep, My City, Eesiflo. Email:

FMO Engineering Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Mechanical and Electrical contractor specialising in waste water treatment, water treatment implementation.

Global Power Solutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Global power solutions is an innovative company that designs and developes highly efficient water and energy systems.

Hangzhou Laison Technology Co. Ltd. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Hangzhou LAISON Technology Co. Ltd., is a company focus on smart water metering and gas metering. Now LAISON is most widely used Prepaid Water Meter Brand IN Africa. LAISON is a leading company in the exporting of smart water meters and smart gas meters, the exporting mainly in the Africa, Asia and Middle east countries, such as South Africa, Egypt, Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Indonesia etc. Around 20 overseas countries and around 10 million USD in 2018. In South Africa, the customers include Enbaya Meter, G1GAS, Energy Audit, Connect Africa etc. The smart water or gas metering solution including the STS AMI Prepaid water meters, NBIoT/LoRa/GPRS/Bluetooth smart meters etc., which could integrate with local mobile money payment platform. If you interested to know more details about the solution, you may visit LAISON company website.

Hanovista Engineering Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Leading suppliers of electrical enclosures, control panels, test panels, manufacture of new ventilation fans, electric motor armature rewinding for both AC and DC. Pump motor repairs.

HEINLO Projects (SIRAC GNR trading as) Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Turnkey Heating & cooling solutions Heat Pumps, Air conditioning, Hot water ring main systems, Plumbing, Low pressure (hot water) storrage vessels, Hot water vessels, Service , Maintenance

Humphrey Engineering Contractors (Pty)Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering Contractors & General Building Contractors.

IMPROCHEM (PTY) LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacturer of Water Treatment Chemicals and Related Equipment

Ingwe 2512 Investment (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Forestry services

International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. (INDIPCO) Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. (INDIPCO) is in the business of manufacturing and supply of ductile iron pipes. We have accredited with the certification of Ministry of Water & Electricity-KSA, National water company (NWC), ISO, SASO, Australian Water Quality Centre and WRAS. As a professional company, we always provide excellent quality and competitive price, and our products range includes almost every specification and standard. Please be informed with our pipe specifications. DN 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 and DN 1400 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Push On Joint Type (T-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) DN 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 and DN 2200 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Flanged Joint Type (K-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( 00966504660657 ) if in case of any enquiry with respect to Ductile Iron Pipes or FITTINGS. Thank you,

International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. INDIPCO Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd. (INDIPCO) is in the business of manufacturing and supply of ductile iron pipes. We have accredited with the certification of Ministry of Water & Electricity-KSA, National water company (NWC), ISO, SASO, Australian Water Quality Centre and WRAS. As a professional company, we always provide excellent quality and competitive price, and our products range includes almost every specification and standard. Please be informed with our pipe specifications. DN 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 and DN 1400 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Push On Joint Type (T-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) DN 1500, 1600, 1800, 2000 and DN 2200 ISO 2531 standard Ductile Iron Pipes, K9 Class, Length = 6 mtrs, Flanged Joint Type (K-Type), Internally Cement Lined (ISO 4179), Externally Coated with Zinc and Bitumen (ISO 8179) Please don’t hesitate to contact me ( 00966504660657 ) if in case of any enquiry with respect to Ductile Iron Pipes or FITTINGS. Thank you,

Isomi Afrika Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers New Innovations - Water Technologies: Sea Water Desalination, Ground and Surface Water Purification and Sewer Water Treatment

JERLEE TRADING PTY LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers electrical contractor , electrical supplier,electrical maintenance.electrical installations Solar panel Systems supply and installation, Dstv installations Security systems supply and installations,cctv,Bio metrics and net working.

JERLEE TRADING PTY LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers electrical contractor , electrical supplier,electrical maintenance.electrical installations Solar panel Systems supply and installation, Dstv installations Security systems supply and installations,cctv,Bio metrics and net working.

kiewuwla Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers 1

KLOMAC Superior Chlorinators Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers KLOMAC Superior Chlorinators specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of Chemical Injection into water systems. We specialise in Water Treatment Plants as well as Waste Water Treatment Plants

KUSASA HEALTHCARE (PTY)LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We are a medical related supply, manufacturer, maintenance and repairs organisation. We believe in making healthcare affordable to the nations.

Lihle Toko 5308 Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supply and delivery

LINBURG ENGINEERING Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacture and repair White-Metal bearings

LMP Consulting Services Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers LMP designs, manufactures and installs SWE Systems to efficiently extract water from sand and supply small to large communities with water.

Lonezer Projects Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Lonezer Projects is a South African based company that was established in January 2019 to provide a unique blend of high-end integrated and multidisciplinary services and projects of quality standards in supporting our clients to pursue growth and address specific operational issues. Lonezer Projects is 100% black owned company with 50% black male & 50% black female ownership. The company directors and management team each are bringing into the company a pool of diversified and specialized experience and expertise gained from their educational background and working environment.

Loop Steel Enterprise (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Sale Of Steel and Related Products

Maskam Water Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Maskam Water provides customers with turn-key solutions, by importing a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe. Maskam Water Dealers in each country are trained to sell these products, design systems to their customer’s needs and provide the necessary backup service. The Clarus Fusion is a domestic sewage treatment plant (STP) with full nitrification and de-nitrification processes used in conventional municipal STPs. Organic type industrial water can be treated with this plant. Designed for urban areas, the Clarus Fusion is a compact three stage activated sludge treatment plant, where the recycling of water and sludge for the nitrification and de-nitrification processes is valve-operated and aeration is controlled by an air pump, which may be powered by solar or mains electrical connection. Waste water goes into the sedimentation chamber or anaerobic zone which separates solid and grease waste. From there, the wastewater moves into the anoxic zone which is filled with suspended media, and then into another aeration chamber with membranes that enlarge the surface area for bacteria activity. Wastewater then moves through to the clarifier. UV, chlorine or a combination of both is used post-treatment to sterilise the water. Effluent is then discharged into a natural stream, used for irrigation or greywater reuse.

Mobi Power (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Original Equipment Manufacturer and supplier of smart prepaid water meters, smart water valve and smart water metering devices for residential, commercial and industrial use. Products are all compliant to South African requirements and legislation. Our prepaid meters are STS compliant and NRCS approved. Our smart valves are a first in the industry and allow us to control water and pressure from DN50 to DN300. Collection and management data provision of water related data via remote reading using IoT Sigfox and other technologies. Other products include Ultrasonic meter from Kamstrup and Electro-mechanical meters from Sensus.

Murray & Roberts Water Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Murray & Roberts Water has the capability and expertise to undertake feasibility studies, design, supply equipment, install, commission and operate & maintain both conventional and modular skid mounted or containerised water and waste water treatment plants including: Mine Water Treatment Sea Water Desalination Industrial Effluent Treatment Municipal Water & Waste Water Treatment Water Supply for Power Generation

Nanotech Water Solutions CC Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Water Purification

Natural Ecosolutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We treat waste water using natural solutions by taking away the odours while at the same reducing suspended solids, COD's and any other organic solids in the waste water. Thus returning aerobic biology and helping clients achieve environmental targets set by DWS

Ndaba group Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers general supplies company

NEDTEX220 CC Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Specializing in the Building Maintenance and Services in all industry types, (New Installation and Maintenance in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial) ? Electrical ? Plumbing ? Air-condition ? Infrastructure ? Solar system ? Certificate of compliance ? Project Management ? Building Maintenance

Newcastle Electro Sales (PTY)LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Electrical Construction and Wholesale

NJ Solar Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers NJ Solar is a company that supply and install solar borehole pumps, electrical pumps. NJ Solar is the only company in africa that is so sure of our pumps and the quality that we have a (((3 YEAR guarantee )))) on All our solar and electrical borehole pumps. Whe also supply and install Solar geysers and Solar power systems for domestic and industrial uses. E-mail or phone for a quote ; 076 410 7819 Po box 1967 Standerton 2430

NMS South Africa Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Maintenance on valves, pumps & Structures. Mobile Crane rentals from R5000 per day. Concrete work, repairs and design works Distributor for Screens Distributor for Filter Presses Distributor for Valves and Pumps

Noble Water Solutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Noble Water Solutions is a company dedicated to delivering purified drinking water at its source – a means to provide a service to the people, to the communities in outlying areas where they rely on contaminated drinking water from boreholes, dams or rivers. Using renewable energy, Noble Water Solutions, has developed a “water station” which can be installed on site to sanitise contaminated water by destroying all pathogens and oxidising heavy metals, to meet the standards of the World Health Organization's requirements for potable/drinking water – “SANS 241” - this is the guarantee. The Noble Water Station: ? cannot remove poisons. ? can be used to reduce the Sodium Chloride (NaCl) concentrations of up to but not exceeding 800 mg/l to acceptable World Health Organisation levels. A solar powered pump with a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight for a borehole of 60 meters depth will produce 10 000 litres of drinking water a day. Where Electricity is available: a 3 phase motor for one station will produce 50 000 litres of drinking water a day. Design life of the Tank: ? The LLDPE tank and the solar panels have a design life of 25 years ? All components carry a 12 month limited warranty ? Maintenance required annually The Aqua King Sterilization Unit: ? The Noble Water Station contains a sensor that constantly measures the level of contamination and adjusts accordingly to destroy the pathogens present as well as oxidizing the heavy metals. ? Has a 5 year design life but requires annual maintenance ? Where water is extremely contaminated the sterilization unit may need to be replaced annually ? Designed to plug in and plug out The Noble Water Station is patented and has: ? received 3 National Awards, ? 6 International Awards, ? 3 World Awards for innovation in the Civil Engineering sphere.

NWID'S Marketing CC T/a New Eyedeas Marketing. Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Patented Inventors, Manufacturers and Distributors of a Toilet Cistern/Wash trough combination, that replaces the conventional Toilet Cistern and automatically gather waste water from the Wash trough, Wash hand basin and even Sink unit in a RDP house and allow the Tenants to automatically flush the Toilet with Utilized water only. It will double the volumes of available water, but also reduces the waste water flowing into the already exhausted Sewer systems by almost 50%.

PACT ENGINEERING FZE Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers PACT Engineering, an ISO 9001-2008, 14001- 2004 & OHSAS 18001-2007 accredited organization and specialized in process design, detailed engineering, fabrication, installation & commissioning of Industrial & large municipal water and waste water treatment systems and equipment . Our manufacturing facility located in UAE covering 5000 Sqm2 shop and warehouse and our middle east head office in Dubai UAE operating through 180 Employees covering GCC , Africa, CIS and Latin America projects. We have supplied wide range of industrial and municipal systems and packages worldwide since 2002 and to several projects specially in UAE and IRAQ with reputed companies such as ; Bechtel , Fluor , British Petroleum , Exon Mobile , Schlumberger, Worley Parsons, NCOC / AGIP, Intecsa, Kharafi National, etc… For supply of Water And Waste Water treatment containerized and Packaged type systems including but not limited to Clarifiers, Filtration Units, UF, RO, MBR, MBBR, SBR, SAF, Grey Water, Oil Separators, etc.. .

Palax Projects Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers A small company based in Burgersfort, Limpopo Province in the business of supplying water treatment chemicals and solutions.

Paramount Distributors (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We have designed a machine that re-circles water that is used for flashing in toilets, laundry water, bathing water and any type of water used in households and send it back into the households, factories, golf courses etc. This means clean water is only used for drinking and cooking only. The re-circled water is used for all other uses. We don't recommend the water for drinking. The technology is from China and has been tested and approved and is in use in most Asian and European countries. This technology solves our water problem and saves our valuable water resource problem and saving people enormous amounts of money.

PENINSULA WATER TREATMENT & ENG. cc Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We design, supply, manufacture, install and maintain Chlorination, Chemical Dosing, Filtration and engineering of Equipment in the Water and Waste water, film industry.

Pkhoza Trading Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers private company in supply and delivery

Plasma Cut Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Steel Service centre specialising in cut to size, fabrication, pipe manufacturing, laser cutting, laser tube cutting, high def plasma cutting, guillotine cutting, bending, rolling, roll on edge(cylinders & flanges), brushing, straightening, machining, specialised welding, distribution of stainless steel plates, channels, bars and flanges.

Power-C Metering Africa Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Established in 2011, Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA) is a developer and manufacturer of turnkey end-to-end smart grid solutions including smart meters, bi-directional communications, Meter Data Management System (MDMS), including a customer portal and Vending Management System. Addressing both current and future market requirements, these solutions are part of PCMA’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that supports a comprehensive suite of applications such as real-time fraud elimination, smart prepayment and vending, non-revenue water loss management, and business intelligence dashboards. The combination of a unique technology with a high level of innovation, systems performance, functionality, communications reliability, ease of use, as well as significant value for money is fundamental to PCMA’s success in receiving extensive recognition as a preeminent smart grid solution vendor. With applications used by leading utilities in more than 12 countries within different environments and installations, PCMA designs intelligent technologies for today's needs and solves the most critical and complex challenges of tomorrow. For more information, please visit the PCMA website.

Precision Meters (PTY) LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Water meter manufacturers and distributors.

Pure Rain Technologies Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier of INTEWA rainwater and greywater re-cycling systems. INTEWA of Germany have been in operation for over 25 years. Currently systems are installed in a number of City of Cape Town buildings (Contact offices, Library, Sports complex) as well as Universities, commercial buildings, schools and residences throughout southern Africa. Chosen by larger organisations due to design philosophy of high efficiency, low maintenance and long service life. Range includes: PURAIN hydraulic-jump rainwater filters, RAINMASTER rainwater pumping systems, AQUALOOP greywater treatment systems and DRAINMAX ground water infiltration & attenuation tunneling. INTEWA systems carry both US and European certifications.

Purifyter Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Agent for innovative water purifier product

Quality Filtration Systems Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Membrane Based Water Treatment, Ultra-filtration, Reverse Osmosis package plants

Reuben Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Issuing Id Document

Reveltio Solutions Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Reveltio Solutions was created with the focus on water conservation with the start of RevliFlush, RevliDome and RevliSol as utility's and service. To help maximum saving on input cost and get better results’. By saving water and money, we are growing

RORISANGTAKING SA Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers EVENTS AND LOCAL PROJETC

SA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES (PTY) LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers SA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES (PTY) LTD is a trusted pipe and plumbing supplier that offers the latest developments in water distribution and plumbing. We supply and provide complete water piping solutions across all industries.

Sa Water Products (PTY)LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supply of water reticulated products in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector.All plumbing and sewer fittings suppliers.

Saniwrox Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Saniworx, a team of highly trained experts in the fields of wastewater treatment, modular ablution facilitates and biochemistry. We've united to solve and provide basic services our communities need. We’ve partnered with local & international suppliers of goods and services to ensure we serve our clients with the highest degree of quality and efficiency. Core Business: - Water Water Treatment Plants (WWTP's). Turnkey Solutions: - Modular Ablutions. - Photovoltaics (PV). - Borehole . - Water Purification (RO, UV & Ozone). - Bio-Chemical Supplies. - Vandal & Theft Resistant Sanitary-ware.

Scarab Water Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Originators of the Scarab sewage treatment system.

SCHEMATIC TRADING (PTY)LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supply and Install Thermoplastic Pipework for Water Treat Plants , HDPE,Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF.Also Manufacture Fibreglass Tanks and Pipework

sekgetamoeng projects Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier

Selectra Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Selectra provides industry leading solutions for treating sewerage and industrial wastewater. We have the ability to provide solutions no matter what the requirements, off-grid rural communities and residential properties, sophisticated plants for housing estates, hotels and lodges or inner-city water recycling.

SewTreat (PTY) LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers SewTreat is a South African company with international expertise in providing biological waste water treatment solutions to all sectors. SewTreat is well established in the waste water sector throughout Sub-Saharan Africa especially in the SADC region. The modular design of our treatment plants makes them a leader in providing solutions for an African continent – quick, efficient and African tested. As a service provider SewTreat draws on expertise from various fields including mechanical, process and civil engineering, microbiologists and consultants to offer the most innovative, cost effective, reliable and sustainable waste water solutions possible. SewTreat personnel have successfully designed, constructed and installed various treatment systems in over 15 African countries.

SLAMDAM Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers SLAMDAM has developed a revolutionary ‘movable’ dam, which is an effective measure against flooding, chemical and oil spills The innovative SLAMDAM: • Is a simple construction and rapidly deployable • The inflatable dam is packaged in a box • It takes only 2 people one hour to build • Is patented and TUV-certified • SLAMDAM is made of EPDM or PVC SLAMDAM can be used for: • Preventing / repressing flooding • Preventing / repressing hazardous chemical spills • Repressing oil spills • Storage polluted water and chemicals • Containment extinguishing water (also when washing vehicles) SLAMDAM is used by: • Fire-Fighters • Water authorities / municipalities / defence • Industry • Private individuals • Agriculturists

SolEco Africa (Pty) LTD Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers SolEco Africa (Pty) LTD, services South Africa and the African continent, with our centre of excellence being established and located in Dube Tradeport, KwaZulu Natal South Africa. Our goal is to assist companies, NGO’s, groups and governments to restore the environment or minimise environmental impact SolEco Africa delivers solutions and technical support for a variety of wastewater environments in many industry and domestic sectors, solving problems in the elimination of odour and reduction of COD and BOD associated with: sewage treatment, dairy effluent, abattoir effluent, hospital effluent and food processing. We also specialise in the improvement of water clarity in standing bodies of water such as golf course features, parks and lakes, industries and irrigation/agriculture.

Solvey Systems Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Compost Toilet (Waterless) and Compost Bin manufacturer

Stored Energy Technologies (Pty) Ltd ("SET") Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Stored Energy Technologies (Pty) Ltd trading as SET Energy Solutions was established in 1999. The aim was to focus on alternative and renewable energy products and systems for retail and infrastructure development. In this context SET was a founding member and investor of various ventures focusing on the distribution of batteries and solar related products to the retail industry. In 2012 SET became an operating company primarily focusing on off grid renewable energy projects. SET is an equipment supplier and know how provider for projects related to rural development and installations to become grid independent. Various installations for rural schools and housing have been completed successfully. The product portfolio comprises amongst others of:- Solar Street Lights Solar Housing Systems Solar Water Heating Systems Energy efficient lighting SET has supply agreements with a number of reputed overseas suppliers. Products and systems supplied conform to all internationally accepted standards and certification. With our commitment to rural development in the solar energy market, we became aware that South Africa will face serious water problems if steps are not taken to increase the country’s efficiency of water use or ability to distribute water to its people. With available drinking water being such a priority in, especially, the rural areas of South Africa, we deem it prudent to make you aware of a product made available by SET based in Centurion, Gauteng, RSA. This product is manufactured in Austria by Helioz GmbH and is already distributed to India and Africa regions with which company we formed an alliance for Southern Africa to ensure clean water supply to our people. Helioz has developed an inexpensive device to guarantee safe drinking water using only the sun. The product is available right now in South Africa. Easy to use and no training required. How does WADI work? ? WADI contains a UV sensor that measures the sun’s UV radiation and then compares the measurements with scientifically proven reduction of pathogens in the water ? WADI is an easy to use solar powered UV measurement device that visualises the process of solar water disinfection in plastic bottles ? A smiley face on the WADI display indicates the point of time at which the UV-radiation of the sun has made contaminated water in a PET bottle safe to drink. Regards John Lamont Stored Energy Technologies (Pty) Ltd ("SET") Tel: 012 661 1618 Fax: 012 653 4708 email: email: Website:

Sud Chemie Water and Process Technologies ( Pty) l Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacture and supply of water treatment chemicals and engineering equipment

SUPPLYFIX Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Valve and Waterworks Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor. Condition Monitoring Provider.

Tala Engineering Projects Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We offer Turn-Key, on site, water Bioremediation systems using micro-organisms coupled with engineering expertise. Our products are 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

Talbot & Talbot (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Talbot & Talbot provides sustainable water & wastewater solutions to the industry, with 26 years experience. The SANAS 17025 accredited laboratory offers & specialises in chemical & microbiological analyses for various applications. Engineering and Operations offers turnkey solutions and operations for water and wastewater applications.

Tarsicel CC Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers By way of background, let me take this opportunity to introduce our company, Tarsicel. Tarsicel is a 100% black owned company focusing in water and wastewater treatment plants and the supply of chemicals, consumables and services to the water and wastewater treatment market. The rationale for exploring opportunities in the water and sanitation space is also driven by our wish to work with in improving operational efficiency for instant reduction in water leakage, continuity of water supply, improve revenue collection, water conservation audits and solutions (valves and hydrant audits), meter management programme (new meter installation, repairs and replacements of domestic and bulk water), pressure management, pipe replacement, retrofitting and commissioning, non revenue water assessments etc.

Thelamanzi Manufacturing cc Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacture and Sales of mechanical community standpipes

Transicaa Ventures Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Agents for distribution of “Rainman Portable Water Desalination Machine” from Australia for South Africa Region and Indian sub continent.


Utility Systems Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Utility Systems is an industry leader in the field of remote communicating electronic water control valves and STS prepayment devices. Established in 2001, the company offers cutting-edge smart digital technology for water metering and has a global customer base. Our water management device, the WMD, converts analogue water meters into smart meters to provide: Free basic water, STS prepayment, Automated meter reading (AMR), Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Bulk water management. All of our products are designed and manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility.

Vacuum and Fluid Technology Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Design and manufacture of Water and Sewage equipment - Sluice gates, penstocks, channel gates, weirs, hand stops. Manufacture and corrosion protection of piping, vessels and tanks (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steels and engineering plastics (HDPE, Polypropylene, PVDF). Structural steel, sheet metal and plate manufacture, corrosion protection and installation. Manufacture of equipment in GRP and engineering plastics. Vacuum pumps and vacuum systems - design, sales, manufacture and repair.

VAG Valves South Africa Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers VAG's journey from a traditional manufacturing company to a modern solutions provider has surely not gone unnoticed. At the end of our journey, we retained the traditional aspects that make us a strong valve manufacturer, namely a wide range of proven products and the know-how of a highly experienced crew. On our way, however, we took new aspects onboard such as courage, inventiveness, initiative and motivation. They not only help us extend our know-how, they also enable us to offer our customers solutions no-one else can. Like Columbus, we don’t wait for our customers to discover us but set off on a journey to discover the new world in search of new challenges and new solutions. We set new standards in quality and service. Our priority is manufacturing excellence. Innovative and customised solutions continuously enrich our product range. But taking a new course does not mean that we threw important values overboard. We are, and will remain, a mid-sized customer-focussed company. For us, trust and personal service are not just empty words. The wind in our sails is the wind of change. We have listened to our customers and set sail on our journey. We are dedicated to defining new standards in water and wastewater products. We are dynamic, responsible and full of new ideas. Join us on our voyage to the new world. We will find a solution also for your application, doesn't matter if you need our experience in water control, wastewater or valve service

VUSI NOMANDLA Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier of water purification chemicals

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WATER CONNECTIONS Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Supplier of water, energy and money saving bathroom products. Water Connections began in 1997 as a marketing company based in the Cape Province for the distribution of quality plumbing products and components. We were then agents for a number of companies as well as the company Churrasco which was owned and directed by a Swiss National, Mr Felix Gerber. Mr. Felix Gerber had already, established and well known European and Asian companies who were manufacturing products and components to the entire world. It is through this partnership that Mr. Junade Sheik and Mr. Felix Gerber introduced some very innovative and now commonly used products in South Africa. Amongst these products are the SABS Approved Stainless Steel flexi braided hoses used for water connections on almost all bathroom and basin applications. We also introduced some of the most reliable and highest quality angle valves made in Germany and DZR service valves for use all over South Africa. Water quality and pressure all taken into account.

Water From Air TM Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Water From Air is a South African based company who manufacture water makers locally in Durban, our machines produce water purely from thin AIR… We have four different size machines producing from up to 32L to up to 1500L per 24 hours. Our AW3 unit is our top seller producing up to 32 L per day which will allow you to simply use as a Water dispenser or bottle your own pure water and sell or give to your guests and staff. We have incredible laboratory tests showing the purity of our water. The unit stands 1.2m high on a set of wheels for easy mobility and once the machine has been delivered to you within 72 hours you simply role it out your box, plug it in, wait few hours and take a sip of yesterday’s humidity We can supply you with bottles, caps as well as the labelling and artwork for bottling your own water. Bottles come in a 330ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5l with two stylish designs to choose from. We have a full back up service and nationwide teams These machines can run on solar and generators. All prices have been reduced due to local manufacturing costs , prices excl VAT. Any units bigger than the AW3 unit are made to order, either on a rugged off road trailer or a free standing unit. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information in assisting you on saving existing precious water and generating new water from the air. Every Litre our machine makes is a Litre left in the dams and rivers.

WATERMASTER Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Watermaster is specifically designed multipurpose dredger for shallow water environment such as; small rivers, lakes, ponds, basins and seashores. The maximum working depth is about 6,3 meters. Watermaster multipurpose water construction machine works where no other machines can operate. It has an excellent mobility and is suitable for numerous applications, for example: • Environmental work : Cleaning and maintenance of dams, lakes, ponds, rivers, canals., Removal of vegetation & litter. Flood prevention • Industrial work: Waste ponds cleaning and mining applications. • Civil engineering work: Deepening work, piping and cable work, maintenance work. Moving Watermaster is easy. The machine is transportable as complete unit on public roads. It can load and unload by itself and "walk" in and out of water without crane assistance. When it is in water it cruises to the site using its own propulsion system. Anchoring and moving at the working site is also independent, so no wire-cables, separate anchors or assisting vessels are needed. Watermaster reduces investment, operational and maintenance costs, since one machine can do the work of many separate machines. Water master technology is sturdy and reliable. COMPANY PROFILE: Aquamec Ltd. specializes in marketing, developing and manufacturing machines under brand name Watermaster. Watermaster is an amphibious multipurpose dredger for all shallow water work. Watermaster technology is currently solving shallow water challenges with hundreds of units in over 60 countries worldwide, including African continent, such as maintenance of process- and wastewater ponds and recovering of valuable materials in mines and enrichment plants, restoring shallow waterways and shores, preventing floods, removing vegetation, cleaning polluted urban canals and construction work in water environment.

Watertainer SA Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers PLASTIC INJECTION MOULDED WATER TANK 1500LT & 1000LT

WEC Projects (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers WEC Projects is a leading EPC contractor that specialises in the provision of engineered solutions in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, WEC Projects is active throughout the African continent. Our core focus areas include water treatment, sewage treatment and renewable energies. We undertake biogas-to-energy projects and we offer sludge beneficiation solutions. WEC Projects is the exclusive South African licensee for Nereda® which allows for sustainable and cost-effective large-scale sewage treatment.

Yellowstar bentonite Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We are suppliers of Bentonite, supplying the chemical, agricultural, mining and industrial clientele of our product

Zanchin Pty Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers Manufacturers of a chlorine free water disinfectant for humanitarian markets

ZeroDig (Pty) Ltd Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers We provide a world leading Microbial Floating BioReactor that treats wastewater naturally and digests all organic waste. No sludge handling. No chemicals. Save on electricity costs. Can be retrofitted to existing sewer plants. We are the Sa distributors for a comprehensive range of both small and large diameter pipe rehabilitation systems and machinery from the USA. How can we help you? We welcome all enquiries and look forward to your call or email... or +27824900980