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Water and Sanitation on Blue Scorpions Landmark Conviction for Water Crimes
The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), through its Blue Scorpions, has achieved yet another significant milestone in dealing with the water transgressions in the Western Cape Province.

The Blue Scorpions is the core regulatory component within the DWS that was set-up to ensure the protection of all water resources in the country as well as the enforcement of all water and sanitation laws and regulations.

In the Breede Valley area a farmer was recently convicted of contravening the new dam safety regulations by constructing a dam with no authorization from the Department. Details
A Farmer Pleads Guilty to National Water Act 1998 (NWA) offences
Regional Court for the Regional Division of the Western Cape, held at Worcester

Date: 23 March 2017

In this matter, the accused, entered into a plea and sentence agreement with the State in terms of which the accused pleaded guilty to offences in terms of the National Water Act, 1998 (NWA) and was sentenced to payment of a R150 000.00 fine suspended for five years on the condition that the accused is not convicted of an offence in terms of section 151 of the NWA, the Water Registration Regulations, 1999.

The accused is also required in terms of the plea and sentence agreement to rehabilitate the environmental damage caused by it in accordance a rehabilitation plan within the timeframes specified in the rehabilitation plan. It is not clear whether or not that part of the sentence is linked to the suspension of payment of the R150 000.00 fine.
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