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Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA) System
Welcome to the Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA) System

The Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA) is an annual assessment undertaken by Water Services Authorities (WSAs).

The MuSSA is used to determine the overall business health of a WSA. By identifying key municipal vulnerabilities across a range of business attributes it allows municipalities to effectively plan and direct their resources more effectively, and for the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and its partners to provide more focussed support.

The MuSSA assesses 18 key business health attributes by asking 5 strategic questions per attribute. The MuSSA is completed using input from all key municipal officials.
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The responses to the questions provide strategic vulnerability flags. The scores are translated into percentages and a "Spider Diagram" of the 18 attributes produced for each WSA. A typical "Spider Diagram" is presented below.

Welcome to the Municipal Priority Action Plan (MPAP) System

On completion of the MuSSA, DWS has developed a Municipal Priority Action Plan (MPAP) to address the vulnerabilities identified therein. The MPAP provides a set of actions to mitigate against the identified vulnerabilities. The MPAP is carried out as a workshop with the municipality and its senior officials. On completion of the MPAP it is submitted to the municipality for approval and or submission to Council. The MPAP is also incorporated into the 5 Year master planning process (5YRWSSDIP). The completion of the MPAP triggers the M&E process. Progress or amendments on the MPAP can only be done by DWS, DWS RO or the municipality. The progress or amendments will only be finalised after verification by the MPAP "manager" at DWS. All stakeholders should be able to view the MPAP and MPAP progress, and access standard reports.

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