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National Water Services Knowledge System
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15 Mining Areas: Provincial [NAT] - Demography    
Theme: Demography
  Sub Theme: Demography facts & figures
  Total Population April 2020   1 Million
  Total Households April 2020   387 Thousand
  Settlements April 2020   247
  Population Growth April 2020   2.1 %
  Household Distribution April 2020   1.3 Million
  Household Density April 2020   2.5 Persons/Household
  TimeSeries Population April 2020   1 Million
  Timeseries Households April 2020   387 Thousand
  Household Growth April 2020   2.1 %
  Settlement List April 2020   1954
  Population Rural Urban April 2020   10.2 % Rural
  Households Rural Urban April 2020   10.1 % Rural
  Facts & figures related to the RSA demography.
  This theme provides an overview of the demography of South Africa, with a focus on estimated population and household scenarios. It also includes time series data, household density estimates, population growth factors and number of settlements amongst others.