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National Water Services Knowledge System
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15 Mining Areas: Provincial [NAT] - Water Conservation & Demand Management    
Theme: Water Conservation & Demand Management
  Sub Theme: Municipal Non-revenue Water
  Non-revenue Water 2011/12   30.4 %
  Water demand growth 2011/12   0.8 %
  Water Losses 2011/12   30.4 %
  Connections - metered 2011/12   0.2 Million
  Connections - Unmetered 2011/12   0 Million
  Non-Revenue water (Volume) 2011/12   16.7 million m³/annum
  Revenue water (Volume) 2011/12   38.2 million m³/annum
  System input volume 2011/12   54.9 million m³/annum
  Water Losses (Volume) 2011/12   16.7 million m³/annum
  Municipal Non-revenue Water
  This theme focuses on activities to determine and improve water conservation and demand management (WCWDM) with a special focus on municipal Non-Revenue Water (NWR) and Water Losses. Municipal Non-revenue water as well as Water Losses are based on municipal inputs where available and DWS estimates where not available.