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ECEastern Cape2 014Amatola372,10343,40373,00233,90
ECEastern Cape2 014Bloem145,10707,50404,9053,50
FSFree State2 014Bloem145,10707,50404,9053,50
FSFree State2 014Botshelo    
FSFree State2 014Rand2 126,509 662,805 168,2035,90
FSFree State2 014Sedibeng501,202 360,70696,00374,20
GTGauteng2 014Botshelo    
GTGauteng2 014Magalies34,601 127,30355,8083,00
GTGauteng2 014Rand2 126,509 662,805 168,2035,90
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 014Mhlatuze102,30489,80364,8045,30
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 014Sedibeng501,202 360,70696,00374,20
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 014Umgeni658,804 093,502 476,6040,80
LPLimpopo2 014Botshelo    
LPLimpopo2 014Bushbuckridge    
LPLimpopo2 014Lepelle Northern130,80838,90145,6058,40
LPLimpopo2 014Magalies34,601 127,30355,8083,00
LPLimpopo2 014Rand2 126,509 662,805 168,2035,90
MPMpumalanga2 014Bushbuckridge    
MPMpumalanga2 014Lepelle Northern130,80838,90145,6058,40
MPMpumalanga2 014Magalies34,601 127,30355,8083,00
MPMpumalanga2 014Mhlatuze102,30489,80364,8045,30
MPMpumalanga2 014Rand2 126,509 662,805 168,2035,90
NWNorth West2 014Botshelo    
NWNorth West2 014Magalies34,601 127,30355,8083,00
NWNorth West2 014Rand2 126,509 662,805 168,2035,90
NWNorth West2 014Sedibeng501,202 360,70696,00374,20
NCNorthern Cape2 014Bloem145,10707,50404,9053,50
NCNorthern Cape2 014Botshelo    
NCNorthern Cape2 014Pelladrift    
WCWestern Cape2 014Overberg3,0082,203,0062,60
NATProvincial2 014Amatola372,10343,40373,00233,90
NATProvincial2 014Bloem145,10707,50404,9053,50
NATProvincial2 014Botshelo    
NATProvincial2 014Bushbuckridge    
NATProvincial2 014Lepelle Northern130,80838,90145,6058,40
NATProvincial2 014Magalies34,601 127,30355,8083,00
NATProvincial2 014Mhlatuze102,30489,80364,8045,30
NATProvincial2 014Overberg3,0082,203,0062,60
NATProvincial2 014Pelladrift    
NATProvincial2 014Rand2 126,509 662,805 168,2035,90
NATProvincial2 014Sedibeng501,202 360,70696,00374,20
NATProvincial2 014Umgeni658,804 093,502 476,6040,80
NATProvincial2 014Total4 074,5019 706,009 987,9062,20
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