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ECEastern Cape2 020Operational7 2532 14134 87270,4820,80Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational4 8211 55034 84067,8513,84Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational9309634 81289,682,67Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational0034 5240,000,00Bad
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational0020 1530,000,00Bad
FSFree State2 020Operational7 4081 75026 87676,3827,56Good
FSFree State2 020Operational5 7301 02026 81282,2021,37Good
FSFree State2 020Operational1 87854826 96470,826,96Good
FSFree State2 020Operational6526 95216,670,02Bad
FSFree State2 020Operational0015 7240,000,00Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational14 61810 54432 67227,8744,74Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational14 35310 88232 59224,1844,04Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational9 1537 53933 02017,6327,72Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational3 9233 71533 3685,3011,76Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational2 6632 66019 3470,1113,76Bad
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational6 00471755 49688,0610,82Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational7 09899555 41285,9812,81Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational1 1313955 71696,552,03Excellent
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational278555 50498,200,50Excellent
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational86232 48897,670,26Excellent
LPLimpopo2 020Operational837817 1166,020,48Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational0017 1440,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational0017 1400,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational0017 1320,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational009 9760,000,00Bad
MPMpumalanga2 020Operational1 30630125 74876,955,07Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Operational1 85223525 81687,317,17Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Operational1 3904426 36496,835,27Excellent
MPMpumalanga2 020Operational382026 428100,001,45Excellent
MPMpumalanga2 020Operational4178115 18680,582,75Good
NWNorth West2 020Operational378113 30099,742,84Excellent
NWNorth West2 020Operational57811713 27279,764,36Good
NWNorth West2 020Operational8802913 36096,706,59Excellent
NWNorth West2 020Operational7306113 61291,645,36Excellent
NWNorth West2 020Operational3641007 89872,534,61Good
NCNorthern Cape2 020Operational0022 5520,000,00Bad
NCNorthern Cape2 020Operational512122 48899,802,28Excellent
NCNorthern Cape2 020Operational87022 500100,000,39Excellent
NCNorthern Cape2 020Operational2122 52050,000,01Bad
NCNorthern Cape2 020Operational0013 1160,000,00Bad
WCWestern Cape2 020Operational5 14756845 25688,9611,37Good
WCWestern Cape2 020Operational5 67918945 61696,6712,45Excellent
WCWestern Cape2 020Operational2 0876145 90697,084,55Excellent
WCWestern Cape2 020Operational37046 108100,000,08Excellent
WCWestern Cape2 020Operational0026 8390,000,00Bad
NATProvincial2 020Operational42 19716 100273 88861,8515,41Poor
NATProvincial2 020Operational40 62314 989273 99263,1014,83Poor
NATProvincial2 020Operational17 5368 356275 78252,356,36Poor
NATProvincial2 020Operational5 3583 787276 14829,321,94Bad
NATProvincial2 020Operational3 5302 843160 72719,462,20Bad
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