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ECEastern Cape2 020Operational6 4892 12923 76867,1927,30Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational4 4721 54923 74865,3618,83Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational9309623 70889,683,92Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational0023 4360,000,00Bad
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational0017 5770,000,00Bad
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational5 7161 76917 88069,0531,97Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational3 4871 18217 85666,1019,53Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational6096417 87289,493,41Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational0017 8560,000,00Bad
ECEastern Cape2 020Operational0013 3920,000,00Bad
FSFree State2 020Operational4 8241 1042 88077,11100,00Good
FSFree State2 020Operational4 3845462 88087,55100,00Good
FSFree State2 020Operational1 8785482 88070,8265,21Good
FSFree State2 020Operational002 8800,000,00Bad
FSFree State2 020Operational002 1600,000,00Bad
FSFree State2 020Operational7 4081 75026 89676,3827,54Good
FSFree State2 020Operational5 7301 02026 88082,2021,32Good
FSFree State2 020Operational1 87854826 96470,826,96Good
FSFree State2 020Operational6526 94016,670,02Bad
FSFree State2 020Operational0020 1920,000,00Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational14 61810 54431 82027,8745,94Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational14 35310 88231 85224,1845,06Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational9 1537 53932 03617,6328,57Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational3 9233 71532 2685,3012,16Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational3 3543 34224 3030,3613,80Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational12 2359 23520 08824,5260,91Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational12 3779 77020 07621,0661,65Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational8 1576 97320 23614,5240,31Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational3 7703 68720 5642,2018,33Bad
GTGauteng2 020Operational3 1323 12015 4510,3820,27Bad
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational6 00471740 50488,0614,82Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational7 09899540 41685,9817,56Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational1 1313940 47296,552,79Excellent
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational278540 45698,200,69Excellent
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational130330 35697,690,43Excellent
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational4 23161222 80085,5418,56Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational5 26786322 77683,6123,13Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational0022 7880,000,00Bad
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational0022 5440,000,00Bad
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Operational0017 1000,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational004 9440,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational004 9520,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational004 9520,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational004 9480,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational003 7080,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational837812 1846,020,68Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational0012 1760,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational0012 1840,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational0012 1880,000,00Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Operational009 1360,000,00Bad
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