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ECEastern Cape2 020Physical5 4211 1115 73879,5194,48Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Physical6 7841 3045 73580,78100,00Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Physical3 2937785 73576,3757,42Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Physical2 2686405 73671,7839,54Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Physical6732253 34666,5720,11Poor
FSFree State2 020Physical2 8733574 59687,5762,51Good
FSFree State2 020Physical2 2352774 59787,6148,62Good
FSFree State2 020Physical1 6362344 59885,7035,58Good
FSFree State2 020Physical1 5532624 59683,1333,79Good
FSFree State2 020Physical106202 68181,133,95Good
GTGauteng2 020Physical66 7218 46515 15687,31100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Physical56 2766 65918 28088,17100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Physical27 6612 40325 52091,31100,00Excellent
GTGauteng2 020Physical24 2411 75128 46692,7885,16Excellent
GTGauteng2 020Physical10 92060916 84294,4264,84Excellent
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Physical12 6631 6856 91186,69100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Physical12 5031 8716 90285,04100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Physical11 4181 9126 90783,25100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Physical10 0881 8446 90081,72100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Physical4 4707844 03582,46100,00Good
LPLimpopo2 020Physical1 1711792 67684,7143,76Good
LPLimpopo2 020Physical1 2171592 67686,9445,48Good
LPLimpopo2 020Physical1 1841642 67686,1544,25Good
LPLimpopo2 020Physical1 0841552 67685,7040,51Good
LPLimpopo2 020Physical460721 56184,3529,47Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Physical6 9911 6054 35777,04100,00Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Physical7 0961 8604 35073,79100,00Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Physical5 9331 4474 25275,61100,00Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Physical4 0458714 24678,4795,27Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Physical8171362 47283,3533,05Good
NWNorth West2 020Physical1 3052902 70077,7848,33Good
NWNorth West2 020Physical1 2772932 63177,0648,54Good
NWNorth West2 020Physical1 5933382 48178,7864,21Good
NWNorth West2 020Physical2 5124972 48180,21100,00Good
NWNorth West2 020Physical1 0662091 44880,3973,62Good
NCNorthern Cape2 020Physical1 3474343 93367,7834,25Poor
NCNorthern Cape2 020Physical1 3064523 92865,3933,25Poor
NCNorthern Cape2 020Physical1 1535123 92455,5929,38Poor
NCNorthern Cape2 020Physical8243923 92452,4321,00Poor
NCNorthern Cape2 020Physical2981442 29051,6813,01Poor
WCWestern Cape2 020Physical13 3582 8157 49578,93100,00Good
WCWestern Cape2 020Physical15 2163 5847 49176,45100,00Good
WCWestern Cape2 020Physical13 5463 2557 48975,97100,00Good
WCWestern Cape2 020Physical11 6362 8977 48875,10100,00Good
WCWestern Cape2 020Physical5 1291 1924 36976,76100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Physical111 85016 94153 56284,85100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Physical103 91016 45956 59084,16100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Physical67 41711 04363 58283,62100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Physical58 2519 30966 51384,0287,58Good
NATProvincial2 020Physical23 9393 39139 04485,8361,31Good
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