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ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical4 0051 4504 39063,8091,23Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical4 5741 2854 38971,91100,00Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical2 2768574 39362,3551,81Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical1 8287914 39256,7341,62Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical4822242 56253,5318,81Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical3 0781 3103 91457,4478,64Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical2 3299073 91261,0659,53Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical1 5556073 91260,9639,75Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical1 3866063 91256,2835,43Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical86472 28245,353,77Bad
GTGauteng2 020Chemical86 48416 03312 05681,46100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical72 70414 50717 60880,05100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical35 5145 19629 69385,37100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical31 0274 41133 92685,7891,45Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical14 2391 62320 02788,6071,10Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical10 6713 0335 57771,58100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical10 5633 0655 57870,98100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical9 0812 9805 57867,18100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical6 4552 2855 57464,60100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical3 5781 1893 26066,77100,00Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical1 3505772 04057,2666,18Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical1 3624782 04064,9066,76Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical1 1734592 04060,8757,50Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical8974312 04051,9543,97Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical3862001 19048,1932,44Bad
MPMpumalanga2 020Chemical7 0919063 71087,22100,00Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Chemical6 5937423 70788,75100,00Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Chemical4 9555273 57689,36100,00Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Chemical2 8385073 56382,1479,65Good
MPMpumalanga2 020Chemical5461312 07976,0126,26Good
NWNorth West2 020Chemical1 1933622 24869,6653,07Poor
NWNorth West2 020Chemical1 1913452 17371,0354,81Good
NWNorth West2 020Chemical1 2572522 02779,9562,01Good
NWNorth West2 020Chemical1 9002202 02988,4293,64Good
NWNorth West2 020Chemical777541 18393,0565,68Excellent
NCNorthern Cape2 020Chemical1 3446473 08551,8643,57Poor
NCNorthern Cape2 020Chemical1 2506893 08544,8840,52Bad
NCNorthern Cape2 020Chemical8965423 08239,5129,07Bad
NCNorthern Cape2 020Chemical5653903 08630,9718,31Bad
NCNorthern Cape2 020Chemical2111441 79831,7511,74Bad
WCWestern Cape2 020Chemical14 2434 7746 22566,48100,00Poor
WCWestern Cape2 020Chemical16 1895 7756 22964,33100,00Poor
WCWestern Cape2 020Chemical13 8535 0046 22763,88100,00Poor
WCWestern Cape2 020Chemical10 9244 6786 22857,18100,00Poor
WCWestern Cape2 020Chemical4 9332 0563 63358,32100,00Poor
NATProvincial2 020Chemical129 45929 09243 24577,53100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Chemical116 75527 79348 72176,20100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Chemical70 56016 42460 52876,72100,00Good
NATProvincial2 020Chemical57 82014 31964 75075,2489,30Good
NATProvincial2 020Chemical25 2385 66838 01477,5466,39Good
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