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ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical3 3241 0113 07169,58100,00Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical4 1189743 07376,35100,00Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical2 0437033 07265,5966,50Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical1 7217063 07258,9856,02Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical6723162 31352,9829,05Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical2 2577642 51966,1589,60Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical2 9226292 52078,47100,00Good
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical8392842 52066,1533,29Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical4672002 52057,1718,53Poor
ECEastern Cape2 020Chemical41281 89031,712,17Bad
FSFree State2 020Chemical59920038466,61100,00Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical53015038471,70100,00Good
FSFree State2 020Chemical3109638469,0380,73Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical26713838448,3169,53Bad
FSFree State2 020Chemical623228848,3921,53Bad
FSFree State2 020Chemical3 0781 3103 91257,4478,68Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical2 3299073 91261,0659,53Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical1 5556073 91260,9639,75Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical1 3866063 91256,2835,43Poor
FSFree State2 020Chemical125762 93439,204,26Bad
GTGauteng2 020Chemical86 48416 03312 05681,46100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical72 70414 50717 60880,05100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical35 5145 19629 69385,37100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical31 0414 41533 92685,7891,50Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical18 6632 39925 74987,1572,48Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical79 29014 39810 00481,84100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical67 48113 64814 62879,78100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical31 5954 65524 85785,27100,00Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical27 0683 83129 09085,8593,05Good
GTGauteng2 020Chemical16 7152 22722 12286,6875,56Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical8 0132 5545 04668,13100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical8 1942 5715 05368,62100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical7 6792 5115 04567,30100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical5 2602 0225 05461,56100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical3 7501 3303 78864,5399,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical6 9651 5781 80077,34100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical6 8841 7431 80074,68100,00Good
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical5 6691 7571 80069,01100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical4 3701 3301 80069,57100,00Poor
KZKwaZulu-Natal2 020Chemical3 6041 1141 35069,09100,00Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical65929284055,6978,45Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical65425984060,4077,86Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical59728484052,4371,07Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical52431984039,1262,38Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical27616463040,5843,81Bad
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical6912851 20058,7657,58Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical7082191 20069,0759,00Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical5761751 20069,6248,00Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical3731121 20069,9731,08Poor
LPLimpopo2 020Chemical24010990054,5826,67Poor
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