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Document Name: MuSSA 2012 SA

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Date Of Release: 01 Apr 2013
Date Of Expected Review: 01 Apr 2015
Date Last Updated: 01 Apr 2013
Document Type: Regulatory Impact Assessment
Document Level: National
Department: Water & Sanitation
Contact Name: Allestair Wensley
Phone Number: 012 336 8767
Fax Number: 012 336 6609
Directorate: Water Macro Planning
Contact Name: Allestair Wensley
Phone Number: 012 336 8767
Fax Number: 012 336 6609
Topics covered:
Institutional Effectiveness
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Section Summary

  Section Number Section Heading Section Description
     0 Overview Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA): Survey of Water Services Business Health Since its inception in 2006 the Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment has progressively been refined in support of sector trends and requirements. Overseen by the Department of Water Affairs the MuSSA conveys an overall business health of municipal water business and serves as a key source of information around municipal performance. The MuSSA also identifies key municipal vulnerabilities that are strategically important to DWA, the Department of Cooperative Government (DCoG), National Treasury, the planning Commission/Office of the Presidency, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and the municipalities themselves. The MuSSA team continues to engage (1) DWA directorates and their associated programmes (e.g. Water Services Development Plan, Water Services Regulation), and (2) other sector departments and their associated programmes (e.g. LGTAS, MISA) to minimize duplication and ensure alignment.
     1 Objectives Objectives of MuSSA ? Facilitate the creation of a common language between technical and non-technical officials, and elected officials ? Supports inter-departmental collaboration with respect to the Local Government (LG)Turn Around Strategy and subsequent deployment of the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA) by the Department of Cooperative Governance (DCoG) ? Guides LG development through flagging & tracking Key Vulnerabilities ? Benchmarks LG status against local, regional & national levels ? Informs policy-makers on key aspects of Water Services Business Health ? Informs National Regulatory Needs ? Informs National Planning ? Monitors Sector Performance
     2 Areas of Vulnerability MuSSA Identifies and Prioritizes Areas of Vulnerability

? Complements DWA regulatory processes (e.g. Blue Drop, Green Drop, Regulatory
Performance Measurement System (RPMS) and other planning and strategic
processes (e.g. Water Services Development Planning (WSDP), Non-Revenue
Water (NRW), etc.)
? Identifies critical areas requiring support
? Supports the development of local, regional and national strategies
? Facilitates timeous actions
? Allows benchmarking of municipalities against other municipalities

The MuSSA asks senior municipal managers 5 clear and relatively simple “essence”
questions per 16 key business health attributes. The MuSSA provides strategic flags, as
opposed to intricate technical detail which is captured elsewhere and by other processes.
     3 MuSSA Completion MuSSA completion The MuSSA is able to be completed on-line via an electronic, web based, Municipal Tool. The tool enables the user to: ? Answer the essence questions ? Save and exit at any stage ? Generate a spider diagram output after all questions are completed ? Keep a history of each subsequent save / completion of questionnaire ? Make electronic data available for easy query and analysis by sector ? Access on-line technical support if required
     4 Policy Making & Priority Action Plans The Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA) is an extremely useful tool for policy makers, that: ? Identifies which key areas of service have the highest vulnerability per municipality/region/nationally. ? Identifies which WSAs/municipalities/regions have the highest vulnerability. ? Identifies commonalities across provinces (regions). ? Provides input into a Municipal Priority Action Plan (MPAP) to redress water service vulnerabilities.

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