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Water Sector Policy Database (WSPD)

Policy Detail Information
Policy Name: Housing Act 1997

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Date Of Release: 19 Dec 1997
Date Of Expected Review:
Date Last Updated: 26 Jan 2007
Policy Type: Existing legislation
Policy Level: National
Department: Department of Human Settlement
Contact Name: Richard Thatcher
Phone Number: 012 421 1629
Fax Number: 012 421 1629
Directorate: Chief Directorate
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Topics covered:
Legislations Impacting on WS/WR
Policy Precis:

To provide for the facilitation of a sustainable housing development process; for this purpose to lay down general principles applicable to development in all spheres of government, to define the functions of national, provincial and local governments in respect of housing development and to provide for the establishment of a South African Housing Development Board, the continued existence of provincial boards under the name of provincial housing development boards and the financing of national housing programmes; to repeal certain laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Section Summary

  Section Number Section Heading Section Description
1 GENERAL PRINCIPLES General principles applicable to housing development
2 NATIONAL GOVERNMENT Functions of national government; National Housing Code; South African Housing Development Board; National housing data bank and information system
3 PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT Functions of provincial governments
4 LOCAL GOVERNMENT Functions of municipalities; Administration of national housing programmes by municipalities; Restriction on voluntary sale of state-subsidized housing; Restriction of involuntary sale of state-subsidized housing.
5 FINANCING OF HOUSING DEVELOPMENT South African Housing Fund; Allocation of money in Fund to provincial governments
6 TERMINATION OF HOUSING ARRANGEMENTS Abolition of National Housing Board; Arrangements regarding assets and liabilities of National Housing Board; Transfer of certain property from provincial housing development boards to municipalities; Transfer of money in certain funds to municipal operating accounts; Termination of Discount Benefit Scheme
7 GENERAL PROVISIONS Delegation; Annual report; Repeal of laws; Short title and commencement

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