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Water Sector Policy Database (WSPD)

Policy Detail Information
Policy Name: Proposed Regulations Under Section 24(5) Of The National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 Of 1998) As Amended

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Date Of Release: 25 Jun 2004
Date Of Expected Review:
Date Last Updated: 15 Feb 2007
Policy Type: Regulations
Policy Level: National
Department: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Contact Name: Switchboard
Phone Number: 012 310 3911
Fax Number: 012 322 2476
Directorate: Policy & Legislation
Contact Name: Switchboard
Phone Number: (012) 310 3911
Fax Number: (012) 322 2476
Topics covered:
Legislations Impacting on WS/WR
Policy Precis:

To regulate environmental authorizations as contained within section 24 of the National Environmental Management Act

Section Summary

  Section Number Section Heading Section Description
Application of regulations; The identification of geographical areas in which specified activities may be excluded from environmental authorization; General responsibilities and obligations; Applications; Assessment of applications; Initial Assessment; Plan of study for assessment and issues report; Environmental impact assessment; Considerations for issue of environmental authorizations; Decisions of competent authority; Requirements of environmental authorizations; Application for transfer of an environmental authorization; Variation of environmental authorizations; Contents of initial assessment report; Contents of plan of study for environmental impact assessment; Contents of issues report; Contents of environmental impact assessment reports; Contents of specialist reports; Contents of reports on specialised processes; Contents of comments and response reports; Contents of environmental management plan; Exemptions; Compliance and enforcement; Environmental audits; Use of information or statements; Offences; Penalties; Interdict or other order by High Court; Appeal; Limitation of liability; Repeal of regulations; Transitional arrangements

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