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Water Sector Policy Database (WSPD)

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Policy Name: Model credit Control and debt collection Bylaws: Model Water Services Bylaw

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Date Of Release: 01 Jun 2005
Date Of Expected Review:
Date Last Updated: 14 Feb 2007
Policy Type: Strategies and Guidelines
Policy Level: National
Department: Department of Water Affairs: Water Services Policy and Strategy
Contact Name: Mbentse Bekubuhle / Ndlovu Siboniso
Phone Number: 012 336 7451 / 336 7391
Fax Number: 012 336 6560
Email: /
Directorate: Water Services Sector Development
Contact Name: Phindile Mlangeni / Humbulani Nevondo
Phone Number: (012) 336 6503 / 336 6612
Fax Number: (012) 336 6672 / 6560
Email: /
Topics covered:
WS Tools and Guidelines
Policy Precis:

Municipalities are allowed to exercise their legislative authority by developing their own by-laws. The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry has provided the model by-laws in this document to be used as a guide by Water Services Authorities as they develop and implement their by-laws.

The purpose of the pack is to provide guidance to and assist municipalities in drafting and promulgating water services by-laws and credit control and debt collection by-laws. It is primarily aimed at councillors and officials of metropolitan, district and local municipalities.

These model by-laws are in line with the Strategic Framework for Water Service of 2003 and this pack replaces the Model Water Services By-laws published by the Minister in September 2001.

The Pack contains –
• Guidance on the need for by-laws and the structuring of by-laws;
• Guidance on what must be included in by-laws;
• Guidance on the legislative processes regulating the making of by-laws;
• Model Credit Control and Debt Collection by-laws;
• Model Water Services by-laws; and
• Extracts from the Water Services Act, the Municipal Systems Act and the Strategic Framework for Water Services relating to the contents of water services by-laws and credit control and debt collection by-laws.

Municipalities should select appropriate sections and amend other sections to suit their needs. A detailed assessment of each section should be carried out to ascertain which sections are appropriate in the local circumstances.

Section Summary

  Section Number Section Heading Section Description
1 Introduction The introduction explains what by-laws are and why a municipality should have water services by-laws and credit control and debt collection by-laws. It explains who makes, implements and complies with by-laws and what must be provided for in such by-laws. It points out that provincial legislation should be taken into account, and that it is important to take note of national policy framework
2 The Legislative Processes Regulating the Making of By-Laws This section identifies the national legislation which regulates the making of by-laws, and sets out the recommended process for the making of by-laws. This section further reminds readers that it is important to consider provincial legislation during this process.

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