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Water Sector Policy Database (WSPD)

Policy Detail Information
Policy Name: Guideline for implementing the division of powers and functions for water and sanitation services

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Date Of Release: 01 Jan 2003
Date Of Expected Review: 01 Dec 2007
Date Last Updated: 15 Feb 2007
Policy Type: Strategies and Guidelines
Policy Level: National
Department: Department of Water Affairs: Water Services Policy and Strategy
Contact Name: Mbentse Bekubuhle / Ndlovu Siboniso
Phone Number: 012 336 7451 / 336 7391
Fax Number: 012 336 6560
Email: /
Directorate: Water Services Sector Development
Contact Name: Phindile Mlangeni / Humbulani Nevondo
Phone Number: (012) 336 6503 / 336 6612
Fax Number: (012) 336 6672 / 6560
Email: /
Topics covered:
WS Tools and Guidelines
Policy Precis:

The purpose of this document is to help district and local municipalities to implement the division of powers and functions for water and sanitation services.
The guideline is aimed at joint structures of district and local municipalities tasked with this.

Section Summary

  Section Number Section Heading Section Description
1. Introduction The introduction explains that the authorization notices published in January 2003 formalise the division of powers and functions in terms of water and sanitation and other services, and how the notices regulate the consequences of the authorisations
2. Facilitating implementation This section sets out how a facilitation committee should be established and what its functions should be.
3. PART 2: Outcomes to give effect to the division of powers and functions This section explains the major outcomes that need to be achieved in order to implement the division of powers and functions, the linkage between outcomes and WSA functions, and what must be done to implement the division of powers and functions
4. PART 3: What must happen before 1 July 2003? This section explains which of the outcomes need to be achieved before July 2003, namely continuation of water supply and water services provider mechanism/s in place
5. PART 4: Undertaking and implementing section 78 assessments This section explains the steps that need to be taken to undertake and implement section 78 assessments, namely to undertake a status quo assessment for the whole area for which the new WSA will be responsible after 1 July 2003, to undertake an assessment of potential service delivery mechanisms in terms of section 78 of the Municipal Systems Act, and to implement the decision
6. PART 5: Preparing for the establishment of the administrative unit This section explains the steps needing to be taken to prepare for the establishment of the administrative unit, namely to ringfence the existing WSP and WSA capacity within the administration of the old WSA, conclude an agreement for the auxiliary support services to be provided to the administrative unit by the old WSA and commence with undertaking the section 78 assessments in accordance with the Municipal Systems Act.
7. PART 6: Municipal Budgets This section explains how the activities to be undertaken will need to be included in the appropriate budgets.
8. PART 7: Building WSA capacity This section explains how the need for capacity building should be assessed in the new WSA and what support requirements there will be.
9. PART 8: Completing establishment This section explains that the completion of establishment issues such as staff identification, asset register updating, and budget consolidation is important.
9a PART 9: Aligning planning This section explains that municipalities integrated development plans should be adjusted for changing circumstances.

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