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Water Sector Policy Database (WSPD)

Policy Detail Information
Policy Name: Local Government: Municipal Demarcation Act 27 of 1998

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Date Of Release: 24 Jun 1998
Date Of Expected Review:
Date Last Updated: 20 Sep 2010
Policy Type: Existing legislation
Policy Level: National
Department: Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs
Contact Name: Switchboard
Phone Number: 012 334 0600
Fax Number: 012 334 0603
Directorate: Policy & Legislation
Contact Name: Switchboard
Phone Number: (012) 334 0600
Fax Number: (012) 334 0603
Topics covered:
Legislations Impacting on WS/WR
Policy Precis:

To provide for criteria and procedures for the determination of municipal boundaries by an independent authority; and to provide for matters connected thereto.

Section Summary

  Section Number Section Heading Section Description
1 MUNICIPAL DEMARCATION BOARD This section deals with the establishment, functioning and general powers of the Board. The Membership of Board is described in terms of the following sections: composition, qualifications, appointment procedure, terms of office, chairperson and deputy chairperson, conditions of appointment of members, conduct of members, termination of membership, and vacancies. Finally, the Operating procedures of the Board are detailed (meetings, procedures, decisions, committees, assignment of’ powers and duties, and administrative assistance to the board)
2 DEMARCATION Boundary determination is described including - determination of municipal boundaries, the work programmes and when boundaries are to take effect. In part 2 of this section, demarcation objectives are described as well as the factors to be taken into account in demarcation; In part 3, the procedure for demarcation is described which includes public notification of the determination of municipal boundaries, consideration by the board, public meetings, formal investigations and, finally, the powers of investigating committees are described. The regulation of consequences of boundary determinations is described in terms of a section titled demarcation affecting existing municipalities
3 ADMINISTRATIVE AND OTHER MATTERS Administration matters are considered in this part of the act including issues such as the appointment of a manager of the board; the responsibilities of the manager; conditions of employment of employees and pension rights are described. Finances of the board are dealt with, including funding, accountability, auditing and reporting. Finally, miscellaneous matters are dealt with, specifically: civil liability of the board, regulations, offences and penalties, repeal of legislation, and transitional provisions

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